Introducing ClickShare Desktop App

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Downloading ClickShare Desktop App

The ClickShare Desktop App for Windows and Mac is available for download at

What's ClickShare Desktop App?

ClickShare Desktop App is a software client for Windows and Mac computers. This app gives you more flexibility and a new way of sharing your content. You can easily connect and share content in a meeting room. Simply download and install the app without administrator rights, connect to a meeting room in your vicinity, and share your content with one click.

ClickShare Desktop App works perfectly together and in sync with the ClickShare button.

ClickShare Desktop App installed on a Laptop


  • Software client for Windows and Mac
  • Company or IT manager looking for a software-only solution
  • Full flexibility in combining ClickShare software and hardware
  • Available for new (Huddle) and all existing ClickShare models
  • Same frictionless experience as the ClickShare button
  • Digital natives prefer intuitive Apps over a physical button
  • Admin-less install for any user
  • Base unit detection via Wi-Fi beaconing
  • Firmware update notification shown as wallpaper – custom wallpaper will show up when an update is necessary

    If your Base Unit is updated with firmware version or upwards, the firmware update notification message will no more show up on the custom wallpaper.

  • Allowing the IT manager to cater to different types of meeting rooms and different types of end-users with the same brand
  • For IT manager: easily roll out of the client to employees and for end-users: downloadable without admin rights

It is advised to use the ClickShare Desktop App in combination with Base Unit version 01.07 or higher of CS(E)-series and version 2.10 or higher of CX-series/C-series. ClickShare Desktop App is compatible with the CX-50, CX30, CX-20, C-10, C-5, CS-100, CS-100 Huddle, CSE-200, CSE-200+ and CSE-800 Base Units. When using older ClickShare Base Units, such as the CSC or the CSM, make sure to use a ClickShare Button in combination with the ClickShare Desktop App. 
Trouble identifying your ClickShare model? Check our overview in How to recognize your ClickShare Base Unit Model.


The application sharing feature allows you to share a single application while being able to work or take notes during your meeting. ClickShare Extension Pack is not required for application sharing. See Sharing application using ClickShare Desktop App.


Last updated Nov 16 2022

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