ClickShare Desktop App vs ClickShare Button

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Whether Button or App, it’s ClickShare

This KB helps you to understand the difference between using the ClickShare Desktop App or ClickShare Button or choosing both best suited to your requirements.



ClickShare Desktop App

ClickShare Button

For those who live to according to the mantra “there is an App for that”, like shortcuts and quick clicks – the same simplicity, right on your Desktop

For those who like the visual and feel of a Button on the table and never find back Apps on their desktop – always there, always ready to use

  • Adminless install / auto-update
  • No install / zero footprint
  • Share with ease from any enterprise pc and enjoy the same simplicity
  • Share from locked-down computers and even let guests join the conversation
  • Connect & Share
  • Plug & Share
  • An App deployed to each computer, by IT
  • A Button for each meeting room
  • Ideal for a culture with quick huddling
  • Ideal for any meeting room and mixed audiences (internal employees and guests)
  • Requires a ClickShare Conference Button to be plugged in to use the wireless conferencing capability
  • From version 4.9 and onwards users can join the wireless conference via the Desktop app with or without the ClickShare Button, see [KB11914] and [KB11518].
  • Enjoy wireless conferencing when plugging in the ClickShare Conference Button

 Better together...

  • Enjoy richer collaborative experiences when combining both Button and App
  • The same security standards applied, a trustworthy combination


Last updated Jun 14 2022

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