How to set up a ClickShare Base Unit to support the Desktop App

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This video tutorial guides you How to set up your Base Unit to provide the best experience for the user using the ClickShare Desktop App. The ClickShare Desktop App is designed to use its local network. However, as direct connections to the Base Unit are possible you will receive the following message when somebody tries to connect directly to the ClickShare Base Unit.


To set up your ClickShare Base Unit to allow sharing over the network and get rid of this message follow these three simple steps:

  1. Connect your Base Unit to the LAN (Ignore if already connected)
  2. Login to the ClickShare Configurator (default credentials: admin, admin)
  3. Go to the Services page and enable the devices over LAN

For detailed information follow this video tutorial:



With the release of firmware version, the ClickShare Apps are supported by default, and no additional action is required. Therefore the option Enable over LAN has been removed from the Base Unit WebUI. To disable certain sharing services you can enable or disable Airplay, Google Cast, or Miracast.


Update your Base Unit with the firmware v1.9.2.12 to avoid seeing the error message Your internet connection will be lost. See [KB11000].


Looking for more information on the deployment of ClickShare within your corporate network? Check out our network deployment guide.


Last updated Jul 07 2022

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