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The newer revision (i.e. GEN 4.1) for the ClickShare Button consumes more power than 500mA.
This may lead to a different behaviour when connecting this Button to USB 2.0 controllers that don’t support this higher power consumption.

The 2 use cases impacted are:  
Pairing the Buttons with a ClickShare CX-series and C-series Base Unit with a USB-C port is not impacted.

When pairing with a ClickShare CX-series and C-series Base Unit with a USB-A port, will use too much current that the Base Unit can deliver and the Base Unit will restart the Button. The Button will restart 3 times after which the Button will start in “safe” mode, where it’s using less power. In this “safe” mode, the pairing will succeed.
During the restart of the Button, you’ll see the white LEDs of the Button filling up, then stop and restart from full black.
Once the Button is paired, you’ll see the usual full green LED circle on the Button.

When you plug in the Button on a USB 2.0 controller of an “older” laptop, the Button will also restart 3 times. After which, the Button will start in “safe” mode.
In “safe” mode, the Button will not be able to connect to the ClickShare Base Unit and the ClickShare App will show an error.


You can fix this by plugging the Button into a different USB port (ideally a USB 3.0 port).
With older versions, the error will indicates that we can’t find the SSID and you have to repair.


Last updated Oct 18 2022

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