This online certification training for technical installers provides a quickstart learning to unbox, install, configure, and register ClickShare devices. This training contains information about the full ClickShare family including the ClickShare All in One Bar.
This training takes you through the different key aspects of the overall ClickShare product portfolio to enable you having a good understanding of the different use-cases and functionality it offers within those use cases!

It will cover the following detailed chapters: 
Pre-Installation checklist and best practices : 
• ClickShare models and key connectivity parameters as it relates to installation.
• ClickShare physical installation best practices
• On-site wi-fi analysis is recommended (link to free wi-fi analyzer tool).
• Off-site setup or On-site setup; key client info needed before installation

Installation process: materials
• What’s in the box. 
• ClickShare model and connections.

Installation process: configuration 
• Connect the unit to the display
• Logging in to the base unit.
• Updating the firmware.
• Configuring the unit to the client’s requirements
• How to Register the product(s) using the XMS for the 5 year warranty.

First use test:
• Pair button(s)
• Connect  peripherals (if any) via usb. 
• Set up CS app and test


Target Audience
Installers (technical)

- In order to take this E-learning without issues, you must have a browser that is able to play html5 content. When you experience problems, make sure that your browser is updated to the latest version. 
We recommend to use either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge as browser.

- In order to fully complete this online learning course, we require you to go through it in full and pass the quiz-questions at different moments throughout your learning journey.


At the end of this training, you will have a good understanding where ClickShare brings value to Your Customers! 

Barco certified

ClickShare (full range) - Barco Certified Technical Expert (valid for 2 years from the date of issuance)
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Format szkolenia: E-szkolenie
Czas trwania: 30min
Cena: Free of charge
Używany język: en

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