This two-day course is the intermediate to advanced path for certification on the Event Master Screens Management System hardware and GUI for those who would perform the setup, programming and operation of a multi-format, multiple-screen switcher for mid to large sized live events that may include LED tile walls.

Topics covered include:
• Event Master platform hardware overview
• Digital video terminology and signal bandwidth capacities
• Theory of the Event Master System Canvas and Layer Resources including VPUs
• E2 setup and operation for Widescreen, Multi-Screen and common LED Wall applications
• Usage of Single Layers (vs Mixing Layers) and resolving resource conflicts
• How to Key sources
• How to create PiP movement with a screen transition
• Introduction to Relative Presets and advanced use of User Keys
• Linking two E2s for input, canvas and layer expansion
• Connecting to and mapping the EC-50 controller for advanced workflows
• Programming exercises
• Practical and Written Exams (passing grades required to earn certification

Participants must provide their own laptop computer with the following minimum specifications:
• Intel Core i5 or greater with at least 8GB of System RAM
• Built-in Display with native resolution 1920x1080 or higher
• Windows 10 or higher or Mac w/OS X (High Sierra or greater)
• Built-in RJ-45 Ethernet port (USB to RJ-45 Dongle must be supplied by attendee if not built-in)1
• A full-sized wired or wireless mouse is suggested.
• The latest version of the Event Master Toolset must be installed prior to attending the class.
o This software may be downloaded from
and filter for Application Software
1Understanding of basic computer networking and ability to configure the settings on your computer is a

Target Audience
Anyone including video technical professionals, technical directors, pre-sales engineers who have
successfully completed the Certified Operator course or have one to two years’ worth of live event video
operation experience. The course is for those who will have to understand, specify the system for
installation and/or setup, program and operate the system for live events.
• It is highly recommended to complete the following two online learnings
      o Event Master Basics Training (embed link into prior text )

      o Event Master Technical Introduction (embed link into prior text )
• Knowledge of Digital Video Signals including various formats as well as HDCP and EDID
• Familiarity with Image Processing equipment
• Experience with Single and Multi-screen Presentation Switching.2
• Basic computer operation and networking experience.

2 Successfully completing the “Barco Certified Operator – Event Master (Level 1A)” training course is
recommended yet is optional. On the first day of class, students will be required to successfully pass a
hands-on practical examination before being allowed to continue on in the course. Should the student fail
this exam, s/he will then have the option to continue taking the course at the risk of not passing the final
examinations if the material is not understood, or they may re-schedule to take the course at a later date
for no additional charge. If the student desires, they may enroll for the Certified Operator course to get up
to speed (additional costs apply) before re-scheduling to take the Certified Specialist course.
Students will engage in classroom theory and hands-on activities in order to further enhance their
understanding of the product line. They will gain the required skills to successfully set up and operate the
system for use in many live event environments.

Pricing for this class is listed on this page (at the right or hereunder). Payment is required in order to receive a Barco University 'Certificate of Achievement' after succesfully completing this class. Payment instructions will be provided after enrollment in the next steps.

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Barco Certified Specialist

Barco Certified Specialist (valid for 2 years from date of issuance)
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Format szkolenia: Szkolenie w obrębie klasy
Czas trwania: 2 days
Cena: $1,300 - US ONLY. Payment is not processed through Barco University, an email message with payment instructions will be sent automatically after you have registered. * US Local Union Members receive a 20% discount. The discount and payment instructions are reflected in the payment request email received after registering for the course. Contact [email protected] prior to registering for discounted cost or any pertinent questions
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