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Barco unveils two new projector platforms in its flagship range

Kortrijk, Belgium, 24 January 2024 — Barco, a global leader in visualization technology, announces the launch of two new projector families, the I600 and QDX. The new flagship line projectors are designed to redefine the standards of visual excellence and versatility, giving higher resolutions and brightness levels in a more compact design than currently available on the market. With the I600 and QDX leading the way, Barco reaffirms its position as a pioneer in the industry, driving progress and setting the stage for a future where visual excellence knows no bounds. The products will be introduced next week during the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) tradeshow in Barcelona. 

I600: Expanding immersivity with compact power

The I600 4K UHD single-chip laser phosphor projector is visioneered to set new benchmarks in image quality for immersive experiences. It is designed to offer exceptional color fidelity, high resolution and a long lifetime. With its compact and lightweight design, weighing under 25 kgs (55.1 lbs), the I600 is the most portable in its category.

The new Barco-patented SuperShift® technology ensures the sharpest 4K UHD images, and the integration of next-gen Barco Pulse electronics ensures a seamless experience, delivering smoother images at the lowest latency.

In addition, the I600 is joined by a new range of swappable lenses. The ILD lenses offers a ratio range from 0.37 UST to 7.4:1 long-throw.

Frederik Bouckaert, Senior Product Manager for I600, summarizes: “The I600 takes affordability and high-resolution projection to new heights. This projector is designed for long-lasting image quality, multichannel compatibility, and versatility in a wide range of applications like artainment, museums, corporate events, simulation environments, projection mapping, and many more…”

QDX: Brighter. Sharper. Lighter. Faster.

The Barco three-chip portfolio also welcomes a new addition with the QDX projectors. The feature-packed projector elevates visual experiences with up to native 4K resolution, REC. 2020 colors and brightness levels going up to 40,000 lumens - boxed into a lighter unit to optimize transport costs and installation time.  

In addition, the QDX supports existing TLD+ lenses, offering the highest flexibility in installations. The projector's intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it easy to operate, catering to both seasoned professionals and newcomers to the world of visual technology. The incorporation of IoT allows for remote projector management, enhancing operational efficiency.

QDX Senior Product Manager Alexis Skatchkoff is excited about the launch saying that “customers and partners are eager to embrace the long-awaited next-gen three-chip projector in their fleet. And this first release is only the tip of the iceberg with new innovations in terms of light-source modularity coming in the next phases of the QDX roadmap.”


Barco Pulse: Unmatched performance, control, and peace of mind

The QDX and I600 innovations go beyond its hardware excellence by supporting a range of software tools for both on-site and off-site operations. Fully integrated into Barco software ecosystem, the projectors come with the latest versions of software tools like Pulse Prospector, Pulse Mobile App, Pulse toolset, and Insights Management Suite for enhanced on-site and remote control.

Barco's Pulse ecosystem and global support offering further solidify these projectors as industry leaders, providing an immersive and hassle-free experience ensures that users can unleash the full potential of these projectors with confidence and ease.



“Compact, powerful, and versatile; the I600 and QDX are a testament to Barco's dedication to redefining visual standards, offering a comprehensive solution for various applications, from mid-segment to high-end installations,” concludes Ta Loong Gan, EVP Immersive Experience. “We’re excited to finally enter the market with these new products and continue our growth based on innovation. As we embark on this new chapter, our mission remains clear – to empower businesses, creators, and audiences alike with tools that inspire, connect, and elevate the way we visualize the world.”

The I600 and QDX projectors will be on showcase at the ISE2024 tradeshow, Hall 2 Barco booth #2M100.

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