14 de nov de 2023

Barco leads the way in China’s cultural tourism scene

Beijing, China, 15th November 2023 – Following China's 20th National Congress of the Communist Party and the "14th Five-Year Plan" for Culture and Tourism Development, aimed at creating exciting experiences, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism's Industry Development Division has unveiled 20 impressive new ways to enjoy cultural tourism. Barco stands out as a key player, having a hand in nine of these unique projects using projectors. They're infusing a modern touch into traditional culture, giving people a fresh and immersive visual experience.

Barco's projects cover various areas like live shows, nighttime adventures, immersive exhibitions, and themed entertainment. With their extensive range of projectors, Barco is adding energy and vibrancy to cultural tourism, introducing innovative consumer experiences and top-notch immersive formats.

In the "Immersive Performance" category, featuring projects like "A Quick Look at Pingyao", "Meeting Dayong", and "Naturally Pure Moutai Show", Barco's high-quality visuals and stunning colors transport the audience into the magic of traditional performing arts.

For those looking for "Immersive Night Tours" with "Xi'an Datang Everbright City" and "Fantastic Nights in Detian", the Barco projectors blend cityscapes and cultural richness seamlessly, creating a one-of-a-kind nighttime journey.

And don't miss the "Immersive Exhibitions" at "Yangzhou China Grand Canal Museum" and the "Shanghai Astronomy Museum", where Barco uses innovative tech to merge exhibition content with virtual elements, creating fully immersive spaces that engage both your eyes and ears, opening up new horizons during your visit.

Barco technology also plays a significant role in the "Immersive Urban District" and "Thematic Entertainment" projects at "The Longest Day in Chang'an" theme park and Huashan World’s “Huashan Mysterious Grottoes", where the virtual and physical worlds seamlessly blend. Visitors are encouraged to explore the unknown, interact with artistic creations, and create their own unique experiences.

Through these projects, Barco combines traditional culture with cutting-edge technology. The inclusion of Barco's nine cases in the Ministry of Culture and Tourism’s list marks a step forward in the evolution of immersive experiences, breathing new life into the cultural tourism sector, and highlighting the company’s leading role in cultural and tourism initiatives.

About Barco

Barco is a global company with headquarters in Kortrijk (Belgium). Our visualization and collaboration technology helps professionals accelerate innovation in the healthcare and enterprise and entertainment markets. We count over 3,000 visioneers, whose passion for technology is captured in over 500 unique patents.

Barco is a listed company (Euronext: BAR; Reuters: BARBt.BR; Bloomberg: BAR BB) and realized sales of 1,058 million euro in 2022.

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