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Barco presents advanced imaging solutions that promote more accurate, efficient diagnosis at SIIM 2018

Study shows that Barco’s SpotView™ Intuitive Workflow Tool increases reading accuracy and enhances workflow

Global healthcare imaging leader Barco continues to address the challenges of radiologists with innovative imaging solutions designed to streamline workflow and increase accuracy.

“With the growing demand for diagnostic imaging services, healthcare enterprises are looking for ways to streamline the radiology workflow while improving patient care,” comments Lynda Domogalla, Vice President Product Marketing for Barco Healthcare. “One way to accomplish this is with multimodality medical display systems that enable radiologists to work more efficiently while still maintaining a high level of reading accuracy. The Barco Coronis Uniti® and our SpotView™ intuitive workflow tool support both objectives.”

Latest research demonstrates Barco Coronis Uniti and SpotView improve accuracy and efficiency

Two studies which will be presented at SIIM suggest a proven, positive effect in helping radiologists improve reading accuracy and efficiency. There is also indication, that with these solutions, it may be possible to reduce radiation dose in certain exams. These results can have far-reaching implications for hospitals straining to deliver safe, high-quality patient care in the face of declining resources.

The complete findings of these studies will be presented at the SIIM 2018 Annual Meeting in National Harbor, Maryland, May 31 – June 1 2018.

Quality Improvement Sessions at SIIM showcase advanced display technologies

Friday, June 1, 2018 at 8:00 am – Woodrow Wilson B

Reducing Radiation Dose in Digital Mammography by Increasing Display Luminance, conducted by Elizabeth A. Krupinski, PhD, FSIIM, Professor, Radiology & Imaging Sciences, Emory University concluded that Barco’s SpotView™, which increases luminance in a region of interest and dims the surrounding areas of the image, increased reading accuracy by up to 6.2%, while reducing reading time by up to 16%. Additionally, it indicates that with SpotView, it may be possible to reduce radiation dose during mammography without impacting diagnostic accuracy.

This study also confirms previous findings that the higher luminance of Coronis Uniti results in a 3% higher percent correct (Pc) compared to displays calibrated at the ACR minimum guideline for the interpretation of mammograms. And the use of SpotView with Coronis Uniti increases the Pc to 6.2%.

Accuracy of Estimating PET Activity Depends on Medical Display Color Characteristics, a Barco study conducted as part of the Medical Image Perception Lab and funded by the National Cancer Institute, indicates that using Barco’s SteadyColor™ CSDF calibration on the Coronis Uniti resulted in more consistency and higher accuracy of radiotracer uptake values in PET-CT images compared to the GSDF or sRGB standards currently in use. Kathryn Espig of Barco Healthcare presents the findings.


The Coronis Uniti is the only display system that can be used to view both PACS and multimodality breast images in perfect grayscale and precisely calibrated color. Barco’s mammography and radiology display systems visualize the subtlest details, helping radiologists improve detection at the earliest stages of disease.  Intuitive workflow tools help enhance reading speed and accuracy, while the MediCal QAWeb online service conveniently automates QA and compliance. 

Solutions to optimize home reading

Radiologists are increasingly working from home to manage the imaging workload. The Nio Color 3MP brings hospital-quality imaging to radiologists’ home office desktops, offering the best image quality and highest brightness of any 3MP color solution on the market. And with QAWeb, quality and compliance of these remote workstations can be managed from a central location.


Don’t miss the Radiology Workspace in the Science and Innovation Pavilion!

Barco is supporting this venue featuring the RadFlowSpace™ virtual consortium, whose objective is to explore how sight, sound and mind can optimize radiologist’s workflow. It specifically addresses the impact of more visual space in high case-load environments.

See our solutions in action at SIIM 2018!

Barco will highlight its latest multimodality imaging solutions at SIIM booth #504. Sign up for your personalized demo at [email protected].

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