Where can I find the password for my ClickShare Base Unit's Wi-Fi and Web Configurator?

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The default ClickShare Base Unit's Wi-Fi and Web Configurator default password are:

  • ClickShare Base Unit Wi-Fi

    Instructions of how to find your unit's Wi-Fi are given here: See [KB8045]

    The default Wi-Fi password is clickshare (all lowercase).


    In case you have forgotten the Wi-Fi password, please contact the administrator to provide it or reset the password. The Wi-Fi password can be reset in the Base Unit web Configurator.

    Example: Representation purpose only

  • ClickShare Web Configurator
    Default IP address of the Configurator when connected to the Base Unit's Wi-Fi is:
    To connect to the Base Unit's web Configurator via the wired network, please follow the instructions here [KB11142]

    Due to the self-signed certificate on the HTTPS address, you will need to dismiss the browser's warning before being able to continue. Note that this warning is normal, and continuing will not compromise the security of your Base Unit, installation, network or personal device. More info on this can be found in the ClickShare Security white paper.

    The default user credentials (username/password) for the Configurator are admin/admin (all lowercase).

    Example: Representation purpose only 
Password lost

If you have lost your password, please reset your ClickShare Base Unit to factory default settings or ask the administrator to do this, this will restore the default password.


To secure your products, we recommend you to change the default web Configurator and Wi-Fi password. The default passwords can be changed by logging into the ClickShare Base Unit's web Configurator.


For information on default password and changing the default password refer to your ClickShare Base Unit installation manual, which can be found at Barco Support under your product's document section. 


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