Introduction of Calendar integration in ClickShare

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Once you've installed the ClickShare Desktop App, it will show you the upcoming and ongoing meetings you can join, based on your personal calendar. Depending on the type of meeting and its location information, you'll be able to connect to the meeting room and/or join the conference call linked to the meeting with one click. 

Learn more about One Click Join: see [KB11518]

By default, the One-Click Join experience is enabled and the ClickShare Desktop App connects to the Microsoft Outlook client running on your computer to retrieve the relevant meeting information. It does this within the active Windows session and only displays limited meeting information in the App. No meeting information is stored on your computer or processed anywhere else.
Learn more about this in the Barco Product Privacy statement

Enabling and disabling the integration

You can now control the Calendar integration in the settings of the ClickShare Desktop App.  

  1. Open the About window
    Right-click on the ClickShare Desktop App icon in the Windows System Tray and select About from the context menu.

    About window opens:

    Opening the About window in the ClickShare Desktop App version 4.23.0 and above


  2. Go to the Settings tab
    Click the Settings tab to access the different settings for the App


    In the ClickShare Desktop App version 4.23.0, click the Settings to access the different settings for the App​​​​.


  3. Change the Calendar integration setting
    By changing the toggle, you can disable or re-enable the Calendar Integration


    A restart of the ClickShare Desktop App is required after re-enabling the Calendar integration for the One-Click Join experience to be available again. Disabling the Calendar integration will have an immediate effect.

Support more than one email account

By default, the ClickShare Desktop App only reads the default Microsoft Outlook email account.
If your Microsoft Outlook uses more than one email account you can now retrieve all the relevant meeting information by checking the Use all configured accounts checkbox.
Restart your App is needed after you make this change.



Support for more than one email account (Outlook) is available from version 4.22.0 of the ClickShare Desktop App.


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