Sponsored by a major pharma company, a remarkable corporate product launch at Las Vegas's Sands Expo Center used over fifty Barco lighting products. The challenge was to project and synchronize a seamless blend of content onto the inside of a 600 foot circular cyclorama. For production and staging services, the client enlisted the help of New York City-based Todd Street Productions, who in turn reached out to Joe West, Senior Creative and Lighting Director for Digital Stage Chicago, and Adam Dunaway, Projection Designer and Associate LD with Digital Stage Chicago.

West's challenge was not only to create an ultra large-scale 600 x 20 foot circular blend, but to create a design that could transform into two other completely different sets over the course of the conference — and all within the client's budget. To accomplish the blend, West selected 34 Barco DL.3 and 10 DL.2 digital lights, as well as a Wholehog console.