CEO of MBO cites “better image quality and overall lower costs”

The adoption of laser into the projection process is going to be the future – it’s the only future.

Lim Eng Hee
CEO of MBO Cinemas

With over 213 screens in 10 out of 14 Malaysian states, MBO has built a successful business model serving second-tier cities with quality complexes. Opening Malaysia’s first all-laser complex in The Starling Mall in Damansara Uptown is part of a broader plan to expand the chain’s footprint with 20 new venues and refurbish others.

The new MBO The Starling Mall features an ultra-bright Barco Flagship Laser projector for the ultimate visual experience in the industry as well as nine Barco Smart Laser projectors. This frees MBO from all lamp-related costs and hassle, provides significant cost advantages and offers unprecedented ease of mind.

Investing in the future

In an ambitious plan to expand its footprint in Malaysia, MBO Cinemas - already one of the top three chains in the country - plans to add 10 new locations and refurbish some of the existing 27 locations over the next two years with Barco projectors. MBO is focused on investing in the future by creating an exceptional experience for cinema-goers. MBO in The Starling Mall is equipped special features, such as Barco Flagship and Smart Laser projectors, Kecil, a dedicated auditorium for kids and their families, a 20-meter Big Screen, Premier and MX4D seating, and Cafecito, an experiential café. The all-laser cinema fits into this concept.

“Currently the best cinema in Malaysia”
In addition to these state-of-the-art offerings, MBO created the ‘Starclub’, the first loyalty program to be run by a Malaysian cinema chain with 1.6M members. “The experience is not just what you see on the screen,” says Lim Eng Hee, CEO of MBO Cinemas. “It starts the moment you walk into the lobby. We’re the first to cater for families with young children. We’ve also differentiated with the seats and a loyalty club. I’d not be wrong in saying this is currently the best cinema in Malaysia.”

The focus on laser
MBO is very clear about how they see the role of laser projection at their theaters, “The adoption of laser into the projection process is going to be the future – it’s the only future,” Mr. Lim insists. The choice of Barco laser projector followed a process of evaluation and comparison with other technologies and suppliers. “Ultimately, Barco gave us a very good value proposition and we could see the cost savings over time. Xenon lamps are expensive, and laser offers reduced electricity consumption as an extra benefit.” So in the context of offering better quality and enjoying improved cost efficiency, the choice to go all-laser with Barco made a lot of sense.



● Nine Barco smart laser projectors (DP2K-20CLP)

● One Barco flagship laser projector (DP4K-30L) in the main hall (with the largest screen in Malaysia)


● Better image quality for audiences 

● Overall lower costs for MBO

From an experiential point of view, the content shown on our movie screens is definitely brighter, sharper and more pristine than with lamp projectors.

Lim Eng Hee
CEO of MBO Cinemas