Klinikum Augsburg

Augsburg, DE - 2014

Located in the university town of Augsburg, in southern Germany, Augsburg Hospital is one of the country’s largest medical centers and a well-known teaching hospital. The hospital is currently significantly expanding its facilities. To ensure productivity and efficiency, while providing the best possible care, the hospital management recently integrated Barco’s MDSC-2226 full HD color surgical displays, as well as our Nexxis video-over-IP OR technology.

Better ergonomics and flexibility in the OR and beyond

Augsburg Hospital operates two sites providing care to more than 160,000 patients annually. Each year, nearly 34,000 procedures are carried out in this 1,400 bed hospital. When a new building was added to the hospital, the ORs were renovated and the latest technology was added to them.

Distribute images in and beyond the ORs

Close to 50 signal sources from a multitude of equipment manufacturers are in use in the hospital’s operating rooms (ORs), ranging from CTs and MRIs to C-arms and video towers, microscopes, and cameras integrated in ceiling lamps. “An encoder is connected to each signal source, while Barco displays have an integrated decoder. This is how video signals are exchanged. We can manage the distribution to the displays individually, also outside the ORs,” explains Jürgen Klepper, medical engineer.

Productivity, speed and better treatment

Enhanced productivity, speed and fewer errors: these are the benefits that Augsburg hospital experiences. “Nexxis makes life much easier for the surgeons,” explains Dr. Peter Müller, Senior Physician, Trauma Surgery: “In the case of an arthroscopy, for example, I have a clear view of the site of the procedure, irrespective of where the arthroscopy cart is. In addition to the live image, I can look at the MRI image on the second monitor.” In addition, Nexxis also contributes to the economic viability of the new ORs. Dr. Müller: “We cannot purchase an imaging modality for each OR – this would be too expensive as well as ineffective. Consequently, we share those devices between the ORs. Nexxis greatly facilitates this: all you have to do is connect the encoder, integrate it and plug it in with a single cable.”

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