Packaging Valley is preparing for Industry 4.0, at Barco-powered VR Center

Baden-Württemberg, DE - 2016

“We’re stronger together” could easily be the baseline of Packaging Valley, a network of companies in the packaging industry. By joining forces in the fields of consultancy, marketing, education, research, etc., they can provide the best products and services. The most impressive realization of the cooperative is the ambitious Schwäbisch Hall ‘Virtual Reality and Innovation Center for Packaging Machine Engineering’ (VR Center), which opened in Baden-Württemberg in 2015.

Barco solution

  • F85 projector

Why Barco?

  • Image quality
  • High-end lenses
  • Ease of integration
Long-term partners
Determined to equip the new center with a top-notch visualization solution, Packaging Valley asked the Virtual Dimension Center - Germany’s leading VR cluster – for advice. Christoph Runde, the Center’s Managing Director, recommended relying on imsys, a hardware manufacturer and ESI as a software developer. Imsys’s Tankred Magg: “Barco was a logical choice for us. Imsys was Barco’s first partner to install VR solutions in Germany. As a result, we’ve been using Barco projectors for many years – much to our satisfaction. Every Barco solution is innovative. We especially appreciate the high resolution, excellent image quality and the high-end lenses, as well as the ease of integration.”

Active 3D – perfect for simulations
Imsys installed two Barco F85 front-projection solutions to put images onto the 4m x 2.5m powerwall. “The powerwall is used to simulate machines and processes. We included a camera system for motion capture,” Tankred Magg explains. “Thanks to its active 3D up to 120 Hz, Barco’s F85 is perfect for the simulation applications at the VR center.” In addition to these Barco projectors, imsys also installed two ClickShare presentation systems, allowing attendees to easily show content, from any device (smartphones, laptops, tablets from whatever brand), on the powerwall and on a smaller touch display.

On the way to Industry 4.0

The Packaging Valley VR Center is at the disposal of all participating member companies of Packaging Valley. They can use it for events, trainings and, most importantly, to design and review machines and processes. Other interested companies are just as welcome to hire the center for virtual design, digital mockups, R&D, etc. “Everyone who comes here is duly impressed with the AV set-up. It really encourages people to deploy the infrastructure, which is key, as we want the VR technology to be applied as often as possible to speed up its growth. After all, virtual engineering will be crucial for machine builders to retain an edge with the advent of Industry 4.0,” says Kurt Engel, CEO of Packaging Valley.

copyright left image: Packaging Valley / C. Sauermann

Everyone who comes here is duly impressed with the AV set-up.

Kurt Engel

CEO at Packaging Valley

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