Styrian Provincial Government

Hausmannstätten, AT - 2013

The highest standards of tunnel safety

With over 110 tunnels longer than 1,000m, dotted over 83,879m2, Austria sets great store by outstanding safety. The country has made - and is still making - substantial investments to revamp existing tunnels, build new ones and bring safety to the highest possible level. The efforts are bearing fruit: Austria’s tunnel
infrastructure largely exceeds EU safety requirements.

One example of a new tunnel is the Himmelreich Tunnel, a by-pass for the Styrian village of Hausmannstätten. The safety in that and four other tunnels is monitored in a new control room featuring a Barco LED video wall. “We knew that Barco combines great quality with great support,” said Wolfgang Göbl, Technical Advisor at Styria’s traffic department.

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