Banksalad Korea Making BYOM an effective reality with ClickShare Conference

Seoul, KR - 2021

Established in June 2012, Banksalad is a Korean startup software company that provides recommendations for financial products based on one's life patterns and provides optimal financial solutions tailored to the customer's perspective. Intending to transform its new office, and optimize collaborations between its growing teams and clients, Banksalad wanted to embrace BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) to create more dynamic workplace experiences.

Barco Solutions

  • 10 x ClickShare Conference CX-30
  • 1 x G60-W8 DLP Projector

Key Benefits

  • Emphasized ease of use and, improved flexibility and meeting productivity
  • Outstanding BYOM experience from the huddle room to the boardroom
  • Triple agnostic solution for flexible use of laptop devices, conferencing platform and broad range of USB camera, mic and speaker of your choice


Banksalad shifted to a larger office space and needed a smarter workplace to make client meetings and boardroom discussions more immersive. This is where they decided to make BYOM a reality with Barco ClickShare Conference. Barco solution enabled the software company to bring new ideas and innovation to life – seamlessly and effectively – and on any device!

Transforming meeting rooms into smart spaces, regardless of the device

Barco ClickShare Conference helped Banksalad with a seamless and wireless conferencing experience. It helped the teams to feel more efficient making their participation more engaging and inspiring. The diverse workforce is now able to use the solution on any device, bringing the teams together–wherever they are in the world and participate in inclusive meetings to generate the best ideas.

With compatibility with any PC, laptop, or Mac device running Windows, Android, or iOS operating systems, the ClickShare Conference CX-30 transformed the meeting rooms into smart and innovative conference facilities. It allows employees to share from any device using the ClickShare Button, Collaboration App, Mobile App, or Screen Mirroring.

Banksalad has also chosen the Barco G60 DLP laser phosphor projector for its high image quality, optimal integration capabilities, wide lens shift range and lower maintenance for their boardroom.

The triple agnostic feature of ClickShare Conference makes it easy to work with any conferencing platform, camera or speaker.

Joonho Moon

Manager of Workplace Team, Banksalad

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