Barco projectors illuminate snowy peaks for The North Face

Sichuan, China - 2023

In 2023, The North Face × CLOT unveiled their collaborative spring-summer series at China's highest viewing platform, Niubei Mountain. For this event, Barco's professional team harnessed the power of eight UDX-W40 projectors to create breathtaking visual effects in the extreme environment. By combining innovation, aesthetics, and Barco's projectors with their remarkable brightness, stability, and contrast, an exceptional experience was crafted.

Barco solutions

  • 8 × UDX-W40

Key benefits:

  • Ultra-high brightness of 40,000 lumens, meeting long-distance projection needs across a wide area
  • Precise color accuracy and stability, faithfully presenting creative visual images
  • Exceptional stability and reliability, withstanding extreme temperatures and conditions
  • Long service life, minimizing downtime influenced by the environment


    Niubei Mountain, situated in Yingjing County, Ya'an, Sichuan Province, China, rises to an altitude of 3,666 meters above sea level Renowned as the "largest panoramic sightseeing platform of China," its lofty vantage point provides vistas of mountains, starry skies, and ocean-like clouds.

    On February 16, 2023, The North Face × CLOT unveiled their joint spring and summer series here. Barco projectors turned this locale into a canvas for a natural projection mapping spectacle amidst the grandeur of mountainous scenery.


    The selected projection mapping site, nestled in a frigid mountainous region, presented significant challenges in terms of projector selection and deployment under harsh conditions of snow and high altitudes. The reflective nature of heavy snow, unpredictable snow melting, and temperature shifts posed rigorous demands on the projector's performance.

    Additionally, surmounting the rugged terrain to achieve optimal creative visual effects over a 100-square-meter projection area required projectors with exceptional imaging capabilities.


    Addressing  the intricate installation, calibration, and imaging requisites for projecting onto the snow mountain, Barco's professional team supplied 8 UDX-W40 projectors for this mapping endeavor. With a brightness of 40,000 lumens, the Barco UDX-W40 projectors delivered clear and vibrant images, adapting seamlessly to the long-range and wide projection area.

    Moreover, the UDX series projectors feature three-chip DLP technology and high-contrast optics, excelling in color accuracy and stability, to ensure the flawless presentation of visual effects and creativity. 

    Furthermore, the robust Barco UDX projectors are designed with a sturdy aluminum alloy frame, modular internal design, and high-precision components , which enables them to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations, shattering the environmental limitationsof this project.


    Guided by Barco's adept team, the eight UDX-W40 projectors showcased exceptional performance within the challenging setting. Featuring a compact design, the UDX-W40 projector outshines others of similar brightness, supporting flexible 360° installation, allowing technicians to deploy it flexibly and conquer mounting challenges. The UDX series projectors are celebrated for their longevity and reliability, curbing downtime stemming from environmental factors and saving significant labor and time expenses. With its excellent color performance, the UDX series projectors breathed life into the snowy mountain backdrop, offering a spellbinding visual feast that revived nature's hues on a snow-draped canvas. Through flawless execution of creativity and color aesthetics, the UDX-W40 projectors delivered an awe-inspiring spectacle to the audience.

    The projection area, spanning over 100 square meters, posed significant challenges due to snow reflections and the uncontrollable factors brought by the melting of snow and temperature changes in the mountainous terrain. Barco emerged as our top choice to shine lights into this projection mapping journey in the snowy mountains.

    Xu Haiqing

    Head of Video Department, Chongqing Perfect Performance Group Co., Ltd.

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