ClickShare Conference creates an impressive work dynamic at Culturespaces

Paris, FR - 2021

By acquiring the ClickShare solution, the private cultural player Culturespaces, which hosts 4 million visitors per year, has chosen a simple and platform-agnostic solution for collaboration.
  • A simple, easy to set up and powerful solution that allows the development of a real company dynamic
  • Allows any laptop to be connected to meeting room devices
Culturespaces is a private cultural player that manages historical monuments and museums, creates art centers and organizes temporary and immersive digital exhibitions. Culturespaces is the fifth largest cultural player in France and a pioneer in digital art centers and immersive exhibitions worldwide. The acquisition of ClickShare Conference by Culturespaces more than a year ago met a simple need: a easy and effective tool to participate in  hybrid meetings, with employees present both in person and remotely.

A simple and easy-to-implement solution

“With the ClickShare technology, we can share documents and fluidify the relationship between employees, which creates an impressive work dynamic,” explains Augustin de Cointet de Filain, Director of Culturespaces Digital. 
As a company evolving in a resolutely digital world, the ClickShare solution is very interesting because it is the simplest to use: “It is a seamless solution, easy to set up and extremely powerful, which allows information sharing, particularly when working in the digital world. There are no image breaks, exchanges are fluid”.

A response to a growing need for collaboration

For the director of Culturespaces Digital, the need for collaboration is constantly growing and the ClickShare solution meets this challenge. “ClickShare is a collaborative solution in the true sense of the word, meaning that any type of collaborative UC&C solution can be used to start meetings from in any meeting space.” 
ClickShare Conference is simple to use, yet extremely powerful, which allows us to exchange a lot of information.

Augustin de Cointet de Filain

Director of Culturespaces Digital

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