Practice what you preach: Barco informs analysts and investors during hybrid webinar powered by its own portfolio

Kortrijk, BE - 2021

In November, Barco hosted a hybrid leadership update introducing our two new co-CEOs and sharing their vision with external stakeholders. Relying on the strengths of our own solutions, our Barco team pulled of an impressive job in delivering an extraordinarily engaging event for participants both on-site and remote.

A front-row hybrid experience

Press, analysts and investors were invited to join the leadership update webinar where the two newly appointed co-CEOs, Ms. An Steegen and Mr. Charles Beauduin, shared their initial assessments of Barco today and thoughts about capturing growth opportunities in the future. Being an internationally listed company with a global scope, we chose to set-up a hybrid event in the most professional way.

The remote audience (120 participants) was projected on a secondary screen next to the main presentation screen allowing for live engagement and active collaboration as if they were sitting amongst their peers in the auditorium of the company's Belgian headquarters. To deliver the visuals on the screens in the highest quality, our 3-chip DLP UDX and UDM projectors were used.

Professional and dynamic visual experience

In the backstage, our inhouse experts and operators used the E2 and S3 Barco image processors - long-standing partners-in-crime for live events of all sizes, and now also a great asset in the creation of inspiring virtual/hybrid events. There were multiple camera angles, video clips, dynamic slides, etc. The image processors made it all seamlessly appear on the auditorium screens in a dynamic lay-out with smooth transitions.

Events of the future

This event proved to be the excellent opportunity to showcase the combined strengths of our different solutions. The presenters and participants, both on-site and remote, were impressed with the professionalism and engagement level brought by the Barco solutions – calling it much better then with other hybrid experiences. The new CEO’s agreed the event was a success, and expect this way-of-working to become the new Barco normal for similar events.


This event proved to be the excellent opportunity to showcase the combined strengths of our different solutions.

Jan van Houtte

Barco Vice President Product Management Meeting Experiences