Barco G100-W19 reimagines the legendary life of Emperor Shun

永州市, CN - 2022

In Jiuyishan National Forest Park, Hunan Province, China, there is an underground karst cave called Zixiayan (Purple Ray Rock). The 1,556 m-long cave with stone columns, stalagmites, and stone waterfalls everywhere, attracts numerous visitors every year with their beauty, as well as their scientific, historical, and cultural significance.

Why choose Barco?

  • Excellent brightness and rich colors
  • Super durable and stable operation
  • Low noise level
  • Customized total solution
Integration of technology and nature

A myriad of stone carvings and inscriptions left by well-known figures from ancient China bless Zixiayan with historical and archaeological value. Now eight Barco G100s project the legendary life of Emperor Shun in chronological order onto a 40-foot rock wall. This integration of the top-notch technology and beauty treats visitors to an immersive light show in the cave.

Considering the complexity of the curved surface, from the ground to the top of the karst cave, the Barco team accurately measured the distance from each installation location to the dome, as well as the angles required for the projectors to move around and the overall size of the projected images. To better adjust to the special landscape, the team crafted a customized projector frame and thermostat.

The G100-W19’s laser phosphor light source, together with an advanced cooling design and outstanding heat radiation, allows stable performances with low noise levels even at extreme temperatures and humidity. It is perfectly suited for screenings that require ultra-high brightness and long-lasting operation.

To ensure the stable long-term performance of the devices in such a humid cave, the team installed a de-humidification system that runs 24/7 in each projector cabinet, keeping the operating humidity of the devices at a margin of 2% of the ideal setting. All this is done to present a stunning dome light show integrating the beauty of both nature and technology

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