On tour with K-Pop sensations BlackPink and BTS

Korea - 2024

In the sensational world of K-Pop entertainment, every performance is a spectacle, and every concert an experience to remember. Behind the scenes, expert teams work tirelessly to transform these concerts into electrifying shows. With cutting-edge Barco equipment operating in the backstage, the recent world tours by the BlackPink and BTS superstars reach new heights, leaving fans awestruck.

Barco solutions:

  • 35x Barco E2 Gen2
  • Barco EC-210

Key benefits:

  • Advanced 4K switching with ultra-low latency
  • Rock-solid chassis for easy transport
  • Professional global training offering for operators



In 2023 both BlackPink and BTS embarked on an ambitious world tour. The global K-pop phenomena set stages ablaze with their mesmerizing performances. GOOD MEDIA, rental supplier of video systems in Korea, stands at the forefront, supplying and installing cutting-edge Barco image processing equipment for these large-scale concerts in Korea and overseas.




The world of K-Pop concerts is fast-paced and demanding, with artists and crews constantly on the move. For GOOD MEDIA, the challenge lies in providing equipment that not only meets the rigorous demands of live event touring but also delivers exceptional performance night after night despite temperature changes and varying conditions. With long hours on the road and performances in diverse venues, the team requires equipment that is not just robust but also easy to install, operate, and, above all, reliable.




The range of Barco products, including over 35 units of the E2 Gen2 and the EC-210 Event Controller, used in the BlackPink and BTS tours offered this perfect mix of performance and reliability.

“Our goal is to make sure that each concert is a seamless blend of visual excellence and technical reliability,” says Hae Young Chung, CEO of GOOD MEDIA. “We have an enduring partnership with Barco because of their reputation for product supremacy and reliability. It makes them a great choice for the demanding world of K-Pop concert tours.”

Additionally, the ease of use and familiarity of Barco's Event Master equipment made installation and operation a breeze, further enhancing efficiency on the touring circuit. The service and support provided by the Barco team cemented the partnership, ensuring the Good Media operators had the backing they needed to deliver guaranteed outstanding performances every night again.




As one of Korea's most trusted rental and staging partners, GOOD MEDIA trusts Barco’s commitment to product innovation and will continue to invest in Barco's range of projection and image processing equipment and in the ongoing training of their team. Together we can make each K-Pop concert a visual masterpiece that captivates audiences worldwide.

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