Opening a new era of precision medicine: Barco supports Lanzhou University Second Hospital's imaging advancement

Lanzhou, China - 2024

Lanzhou University Second Hospital was established in 1928 at the site of Zhigong Court, and it is the earliest public Western hospital in Lanzhou. Over the past ninety years, the Lanzhou University Second Hospital has undergone multiple name changes. It has grown from a scale of 50 beds and 4 departments at its establishment to one of the top 100 hospitals in China, with over 3,500 available beds, 49 disciplines, and more than 5,000 employees. 

Barco solutions:

  • Barco 86" Medical Consultation Center
  • Nio Fusion 12MP
  • Nio 5MP
  • Nio Color 5.8MP
  • Coronis Fusion 6MP

Key benefits:

  • Precise clinical applications
  • Easy collaboration and information sharing
  • Smooth unified system


Lanzhou University Second Hospital has always been committed to providing better quality services to patients. With the continuous improvement of diagnostic accuracy and efficiency in various medical disciplines, the rapid development also puts forward higher requirements for the accuracy of medical displays.


How to improve the doctor's experience in examining images and further enhance the efficiency and accuracy of diagnosis? It poses significant challenges for medical displays regarding accuracy, flexibility, and ergonomic design.


Lanzhou University Second Hospital is a loyal user of our 86" Medical Consultation Center, Nio Fusion 12MP, Nio 5MP, Coronis Fusion 6MP, and Nio Color 5.8MP, and has utilized this classic product combination to provide more precise clinical applications.

The 86" Medical Consultation Center has an 8-megapixel display with a 10-point multi-touchscreen comes with blackboarding and annotation capabilities, and supports up to 4 inputs, creating a new way of medical collaboration and information sharing for the doctors at the Lanzhou University Second Hospital.

The Nio Fusion 12MP, Nio 5MP, Coronis Fusion 6MP, and Nio Color 5.8MP provide radiologists with a complete set of color, grayscale, and multimodal diagnostic displays, display controllers, and QA Web tools, ensuring reliable support for diagnosis.


With a complete set of imaging solutions, Barco has improved the images-examining experience of doctors at Lanzhou University Second Hospital in terms of speed, accuracy, intuitiveness, flexibility, and ergonomic design. The solution ensures imaging accuracy while allowing all components to run smoothly in a unified system, making doctors' daily work efficient and precise.

The development of medical imaging technology has changed the medical diagnosis and treatment mode. Good images can provide clear and accurate guidance for diagnosing and treating medical diseases in advance. We look forward to Barco Medical to better support the further development of medical imaging.

Zhao Jianhong

Associate Professor, Chief Physician, Lanzhou University Second Hospital; Secretary General of the Radiology Branch of Gansu Medical Association

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