Optimized quality of diagnoses, assisted by Barco Nio Color 3MP displays

Jakarta, ID - 2021

Barco solutions:

  • Nio Color 3MP (MDNC-3421) – 2 Units

Key benefits:

  • Best image quality on the market for 3MP color
  • Automated Quality Assurance
  • Accurate grayscale and color rendering
  • Front sensor and MediCal QAWeb for easy DICOM conformance

Indonesia’s first and largest private comprehensive cancer centre, MRCCC Siloam Hospitals Semanggi is a state-of-the-art 30-story edifice. The hospital is a tertiary cancer centre and receives referrals from health centers around the country for both private and insured patients. It offers a variety of services like breast diagnostic, surgical oncology, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy, under a single roof. The hospital also recognizes Government healthcare insurance scheme – BPJS Kesehatan – and strives to provide quality health care to all citizens.

A prior Barco customer, MRCCC Siloam Hospitals Semanggi had two installed units of Nio Color 2MP (MDNC-2221). Impressed with the image quality, accuracy, and services delivered by Barco, the hospital wanted to enhance the quality of diagnoses and move from film to PACS. The Nio Color 3MP (MDNC-3421) was a perfect fit for their requirements. The installation was completed in July 2019 and the hospital now has two units of Nio Color 3MP.

Perfecting image quality and accuracy

The MDNC-3421 offers a superior image quality for general diagnostic. With its high brightness and contrast ratio, radiologists at MRCC can rely on it for accurate diagnostic readings. The reverse spotview tool further enables them to verify their diagnostic reading by comparing the normal and inverted images. They can also choose their preferred viewing angle from the highly ergonomic display configurations available.

Barco solutions are also assisting the hospital to safeguard their investment, owing to its high-performance LED backlights, which requires less power, even at higher calibrated luminance. They plan to add more Barco medical displays to their radiology workstations in the future.

The MDNC-3421’s SpotViewTM feature is great. It allows us to focus on an area of interest to unveil even more details.

Dr. Nungky Kusumaningtyas


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