Nature comes to life in d’strict ARTE MUSEUMs, powered by Barco projection

South-Korea - 2023

d’strict, a global digital design company, is well-known for its ability to create immersive experiences for end-users by combining both content and digital media technology. Its core competency lies in its ability to create high-quality content using various digital media technologies. ARTE MUSEUM, one of its most significant achievements, is Korea's largest immersive media art exhibition. The company is also well known for its public media art "WAVE," which was presented at COEX.

In 2020, d’strict opened its first ARTE MUSEUM on Jeju Island and has expanded rapidly across three more locations – ARTE MUSEUM Gangneung, ARTE MUSEUM Yeosu, and ARTE M Hong Kong. 

Barco solutions

  • 72x UDM-4K22
  • 139x G60-W8
  • 29x G62-W9 with G lenses

Key benefits

  • Superb image quality and performance
  • Global fleet management
  • High standard global service reliability
  • Peace of mind

The requirements


As one of the most globally recognized immersive media art exhibitors, d’strict needed projection equipment to produce the most consistent and best image quality to always give its visitors the same immersive experience that remains impressive and engaging, wherever and whenever. 

With the multiple geographical locations that d’strict is planning to expand globally in the next four years, the projection equipment needs to be serviceable and manageable from any location around the world - allowing d’strict to stay in control no matter the time or location.


Crafting dynamic visual experiences that awe and inspire the audience


Barco and d’strict’s partnership started with the ARTE MUSEUMs in the South Korean cities of Yeosu and Gangneung. This was the first instance where Barco’s projection technology was deployed to create an immersive multimedia experience.

Pivoting on a strong and trusted relationship, Barco provided d’strict with tailored solutions to meet its needs.

For the installations at ARTE MUSEUM Gangneung and Yeosu, 72 Barco UDM-4K22 projectors were used to ensure outstanding brightness, precision, and color consistency. During a brand blind test, Sean Lee, CEO of d’strict recounts how they “did a blind test with multiple projector brands and Barco’s UDM gave out the best image quality”.  On top of that, the UDM is the first projector in the Barco range that is fully connected via the Barco Insights Management Suite Dashboard and remote log file access which enables faster and more effective troubleshooting.

Not only were the flagship UDM-4K 22 projectors used in the installations, but a total of 168 Barco projectors were installed at the 3 ARTE MUSEUM locations, including 139 G60-W8 and 29 G62-W9 models, providing an immersive visual experience. The G60 series projectors are compact and have a wide range of lens options.  This allows d’strict to meet the needs of projection at different zoom ratios to achieve precise matching of images.  While the G62 series boasts of excellent image quality thanks to its laser phosphor light source, this technology also results in lower maintenance requirements compared to most lamp-based projectors available on the market. Thanks to Barco’s Projector Toolset software, installing and managing these projectors can be done from anywhere and everywhere.  


From great to greater - leaving a lasting impression


As a result of close collaboration and high satisfaction from Barco’s first deployment that met d’strict’s expectations, the Korean digital design company appointed Barco as the sole projector supplier in the next four years for all its upcoming immersive projects. This includes the delivery of UDM and G-series DLP projectors, as well as access to Barco’s Insights Management Suite for global fleet management.

With this appointment, Barco was to deliver across 3 critical aspects in d’strict’s global expansion journey: 

  1. Superior and innovative technology
  2. Service reliability
  3. Fleet connectivity 

Thanks to its synergy with Barco, d'strict has been able to create extravagant visitor experiences even as it expands its ARTE MUSEUM locations worldwide. With Barco’s support, the digital design company can always give its visitors the same breathtaking experience regardless of when or where.   

They bring superior and innovative technology, service reliability, and fleet connectivity – three important elements in our global expansion journey.

Sean Lee,

Chief Executive, d’strict

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