WhatsApp race car emoji activation takes over the Empire State Building

New York City, United States - 2024

In collaboration with VTProDesign and Fuse Technical Group, Barco transforms one of the world’s most iconic skyscrapers, the Empire State Building, with a lively activation, celebrating the partnership between WhatsApp and Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 team. 

Barco solutions:

  • 46x UDX-4K40

Key benefits:

  • combines high performance in a compact &  rugged design
  • powerful 4K processing through Barco Pulse
  • reliable and timely execution in high-stake projects
photo credits to Hitchhiker Media



Standing as a testament to human ingenuity, the Empire State Building is not only an architectural icon but also a versatile platform for visual communication. Over the years, it has evolved into a giant electronic billboard for corporate advertisements and movie releases, drawing attention from millions around the world.

The latest project involved showcasing a new WhatsApp emoji of a racing car, in conjunction with the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 team. The festivities included appearances by seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff, a never-before-seen F1 car demonstration down Fifth Avenue, and a custom three-minute animated projection of the emoji.




The team sought a partner capable of delivering superior quality projection mapping solution to match the building’s iconic status as a cutting-edge visual landmark. The project required high-brightness solutions that could seamlessly blend and warp images across the extensive surface of the 103-story art deco marvel. Additionally, the project demanded quick turnaround times and flawless execution to meet tight deadlines.




Barco's robust portfolio of projection technology and its reputation for delivering exceptional mappings on large canvases and wide angles played a crucial role in securing the landmark project. Central to the solution was the deployment of forty-six Barco UDX projectors.

Known for their high brightness, superior image quality, and ability to blend and warp images accurately, the UDX-4K40 projectors were the perfect choice for this monumental task. The projectors feature 4K UHD resolution and 37,500 lumens light output to light up the architectural wonder standing tall in the concrete jungle.

The collaboration between Barco's team and Fuse Technical Group's production experts, the content creators, and graphic artists pulled off a seamless integration of technology and artistry. Barco's logistical efficiency was also a decisive factor, with the company managing to expedite shipping and have fully operational units ready within just 10 days.




Through the strong partnerships between the different players and the deployment of top-tier technology, the projection mapping was handled with precision and excellence. The WhatsApp & F1-themed activation captivated New Yorkers and visitors alike with a playful sky-high spectacle.

"Working with Barco on this project has been an incredible experience," said Chris Peterson, Vice President of Entertainment at Fuse Technical Group. "Their technology and expertise allowed us to deliver a truly remarkable projection mapping display on one of the most iconic buildings in the world."

The Barco technology and expertise allowed us to deliver a truly remarkable projection mapping display on one of the most iconic buildings in the world.

Chris Peterson

Vice President of Entertainment at Fuse Technical Group

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