UDX jumps aboard the Hershey's Great Candy Expedition

Hershey, Pennsylvania, United States - 2024

Nestled within Hershey's Chocolate World visitor center in Pennsylvania, new and exciting interactive attraction, Hershey's Great Candy Expedition, promises a delightful adventure through candy-themed ‘worlds’. At the heart of this sweet journey is a captivating visual masterpiece powered by the Barco UDX projectors.

Barco solutions:

  • 4x UDX-4K40

Key benefits:

  • Dazzling razor-sharp 4K images
  • Long lifetime and high reliability
  • High-end Barco brand



Hershey's Chocolate World, the visitor center of the globally renowned confectioner, first opened its doors in the summer of 1973, and in 2023, to coincide with its 50th anniversary celebrations, unveiled its most technically ambitious attraction to date: Hershey's Great Candy Expedition.

Guests enter this cinematic railway adventure and hop on board an immersive theatre ride that simulates train travel through the bygone era of Hershey’s humble origins and into whimsical cartoon worlds, each inspired by iconic Hershey’s candies. Surrounded by epic screens and dazzling special effects, visitors are taken deep inside the enchanting realms of Hershey’s fascinating imagination.




To help ensure the seamless delivery of this picture-perfect candy universe, Hershey’s relied on the expertise of Clair Global Integration. The system integrator created bespoke control systems, designed and delivered high-end audio and lighting installations, and oversaw the implementation of the 22-ft. tall, 270-degree, wrap-around projection screen for the 120-seat venue’s all-encompassing capabilities.

The intricate setup required precise alignment and synchronization of multiple projectors to achieve seamless visuals across the expansive screen. Additionally, with crowds flocking every 30 minutes, reliability and efficiency were paramount to guarantee flawless operation with every viewing.




For this family-fun-filled ride to transport chocolate lovers to planet Hershey’s, Clair chose the powerful projection capabilities of the Barco UDX projectors to deliver the sweetest visuals. Four UDX units were strategically positioned onto a custom truss system delivering stunning 4K visuals with uncompromised sight lines for a fully immersive experience.

In combination with the camera-based automatic projection alignment system programmed by Forward Thinking Designs, the unique ride runs like a clockwork thanks to its precise calibration securing optimal daily performances.




Following completion in April 23, Hershey's Great Candy Expedition opened its doors to the public on May 19th, 2023. The outcome surpassed expectations, delighting both Hershey's and its visitors. The collaborative efforts of Clair Global Integration, Barco and Forward Thinking Designs has ensured Hershey’s first interactive theatre ride has yielded significant, acclaim, establishing it as a must-visit destination for families - and those with a sweet sweet tooth!

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