1 de nov de 2012

Barco introduces cost-effective, turnkey digital cinema solutions for small theaters

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The typical costs of converting a film-based theater into a full digital cinema operation can be daunting for small movie exhibitors. Barco is stepping up to offer independents, art houses and other small theaters a bundle of solutions that enable owners to offer their patrons a premium, immersive experience. See Barco at ShowEast from November 5-8 in Hollywood, Florida!

Barco’s innovative array of digital cinema solutions is uniquely tailored to the needs and budgets of smaller theaters, independent cinemas and art houses. Its fully integrated 0.69” DLP Cinema® projector, 3D cinema sound format Barco Auro 11.1, digital signage solutions, and an on-demand remote cinema management system can combine into an economical, turnkey system to help small exhibitors shape their “Cinema of the Future.”

“Barco maintains an unwavering commitment to shaping the cinema of the future for all of our customers, from the largest national circuits, to the single independent art house,” comments Wim Buyens, Senior Vice President, Entertainment for Barco. “We’ve taken much care in leveraging our best-in-class digital cinema technologies across compact, scalable platforms to enable these smaller exhibitors to reap the full rewards of a move to Barco digital cinema. We’re eager to fulfill and support all of their needs by providing top-notch quality at the lowest total cost of ownership.”