8 de nov de 2012

Young patients as well as healthcare staff love Barco bedside Smart Terminals

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Providing clinical information, entertainment and even education: the 140 Barco Smart Terminals (ST-170) recently installed at the Children’s Hospital in Sheffield, UK, serve many different aims and causes. Yet, in the multitude of functions, there is this one constant: the young patients as well as the nurses and doctors are particularly happy with the new devices!

When the Children’s Hospital in Sheffield was looking for a solution to provide its young patients with entertainment and give medical staff quick access to patient information, it chose the Barco Smart Terminals. The reasons were multiple: the intuitive touch screen interface, the anti-bacterial cover and waterproof and dustproof design, and the lack of fans, which ensures near-silent operation.

Delivered by ANS Group in partnership with Provision Network, the 140 terminals now form the interface of an innovative system that delivers electronic patient records to the bedside. In addition, they provide the sick children with free radio, TV, Internet access and telephony, as well as computing facilities. Long-term patients further appreciate the education service the terminals offer, which ensure that they do not fall behind on schooling and can develop their skills.

“The installation was part of our vision when we installed the Patient Interactive Systems, and we are thrilled to see it brought to reality,” explains Russell Banks, Head of IT at the Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust. “The solution will allow medical and nursing staff to increase the time they spend on patient care, thus giving patients more individual attention by providing quick and convenient access to the records and data they need – and eliminating the long-standing problem of limited space at nursing stations.” 

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