14 de nov de 2012

Simulation projectors now offer 4X higher contrast with Sony’s new LCoS technology

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Reduced budgets and a demand for increased training effectiveness are fueling the growth of virtual training for pilots. In response to the need for more cost-effective visualization solutions, Barco has developed the SIM 7Q-HC, integrating Sony’s new LCoS technology into its SIM 7Q to boost the contrast ratio 4X higher than any other simulation projector on the market. The SIM 7Q is widely recognized as an industry-leading projector for use in immersive training. The new Barco SIM 7Q-HC will be demonstrated at I/ITSEC from December 3-6 in Orlando, Florida at the Barco booth #1763.

Boosting the contrast ratio of its 2,800 lumens SIM 7 series projector from 10,000:1 to 40,000:1, Barco is the premier beneficiary of using Sony Corporation’s new LCoS technology. This ultra-high contrast significantly increases the realism of immersive simulator training, especially for night vision training of new pilots.

“We are very excited to see our newest high contrast SXRD LCoS panel being implemented into the Barco SIM 7Q HC series” says Dr. Shunichi Hashimoto, Senior General Manager of Sony’s Display Device Business division. “Together with Barco, we have optimized this SXRD LCoS panel specifically for the usage in Barco’s cutting-edge simulation projectors.”