3 de jan de 2013

The Dub Stage reveals Barco Auro 11.1 sound mixing secrets in "Rise of the Guardians"

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As the first sound production studio in Hollywood to use Barco’s 3D cinema sound format to mix a feature-length film, the Dub Stage is the talk of Tinseltown these days. Marti Humphrey, President and Re-Recording Mixer at The Dub Stage, and Associate Chris Jacobson, discuss how they enlivened DreamWorks Animation’s “Rise of the Guardians” with three layers of sound to create an awe-inspiring cinema experience. See the video highlights of this interview by clicking “Read more” below.

The two worked hand-in-hand to enhance the dialog, music, special effects, foley and additional aural elements provided in the original 7.1 mix provided by the studio. Pulling out sounds and “flying” them through various channels overhead and around the room – like character Pitch’s voice and a thunderstorm – heightened the realism of the movie.
“DreamWorks is very future-oriented,” comments Humphrey. “They looked for something unique, but that also fit in with budgetary and technical ways of doing things that was both creative and rock solid reliable. It could also be adapted easily to give you a large palette for mixing sound.”