10 de abr de 2013

Perfect marriage of music and images

1 minutos de leitura

Barco partner Visualsupport can look back with pride on two highly successful performances in Poland, both of which perfectly combined the world of music and images. Two Barco HDQ-2K40 high-brightness projectors ensured an amazing video mapping projection in Opole, Poland, for the 50th anniversary of the National Festival of Polish Song. A little further south, in Cracow, our DP2K-32B digital cinema projector brought classical music to life on a cinema screen during the closing night of the Screen & Sound Festival.


Snow turns 3D into 4D

It was snowing heavily in Opole on 21 March, when the musical celebrations kicked off. In spite of the weather, the two HDQ-2K40 projectors that Visualsupport purchased from Barco last year did a great job. “More than a 3D spectacle, we offered a 4D projection mapping,” laughed Magdalena Groblicka, director of sales and marketing at Visualsupport. “We were really happy with the performance of our new projectors.”

Music on the screen

In Cracow, Visualsupport smartly combined hi-tech, animation, dance and live symphonic music to create an astounding closing show for this year’s first edition of the Screen & Sound Festival. Barco’s top-of-line DP2K-32B digital cinema projector brought the images to life on the big cinema screen.

Watch the closing show in Cracow and/or the projection mapping in Opole.