19 de abr de 2013

All eyes on Barco LiveDots’ C8 during ProLight + Sound

LED 1 minutos de leitura

Our brand-new C8 LED display hit the bull’s eye, so it would appear. People who dropped by the Barco booth at the recent ProLight + Sound trade show in Frankfurt, where the product was launched, had nothing but positive comments about the C8 tiles. “Everyone was impressed with the seamless, highly bright display for outdoor use. They all agreed that there’s a clear difference with many other displays on show at the trade fair,” said Product Manager Joost De Frene.


Different from the competition

“Our Typhoon testing approach to ensure the product’s robustness, the possibilities for cross-rental and the compatibility with all other products in the C-series really set the C8 LED display apart from the competition,” Joost De Frene continued. “Moreover, the fact that it’s developed by a well-reputed company instills trust, going on the comments we got at our ProLight + Sound booth.”

Creative Technology places first order

Creative Technology (CT), one of the world’s leading audiovisual experts, was so impressed with the brightness of the C8 LED displays, even in daylight, that it already purchased a significant amount of units. The tiles will be delivered by the end of May and used for the many sports events that CT serves during the summer months.

C8 Live tour

Wanna see the C8 tiles in action? Barco LiveDots will soon be touring Europe with a set-up of the C8 tiles, so that interested companies can experience its brightness in real-life outdoor conditions. Keep an eye on the LiveDots website to see when the tour is coming your way.

Read the press release about the deal with CT.