18 de nov de 2014

PVR Cinemas bring ‘Auro 11.1 by Barco’ to New Delhi

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Fans of impressive images and astonishing acoustics in India’s capital can rejoice: the first completed installation of ‘Auro 11.1 by Barco’ in New Delhi is a fact. The place to be? The PVR multiplex in the Pacific Mall, Tagore Garden; one of the busiest places in town. The installation also marks the first installation of the Auro 11.1 technology in the North of the country.

Maximum cinema

With 1,116 seats and six screens, the PVR multiplex in Pacific Mall is one of the most popular destinations for movie aficionados in New Delhi. To further strengthen this excellent reputation, PVR Cinemas decided to implement the ‘Auro 11.1 by Barco’ immersive sound technology. This unique speaker layout, based on three axes (width, depth and height) reproduces a stunning sound experience, in which sounds are truly coming from all around and above.

Quest for exquisiteness

“In our search for a technological edge that could amaze our patrons while strengthening the brands position as one of the hotspots and movie lovers, we couldn’t ignore Barco’s immersive sound technology. ,” explains Tarun Mazumdar, Vice President - Engineering at PVR Cinemas. “We were absolutely blown away by the system’s exquisite performance, and are confident that this investment marks the first step towards a bright future for PVR.”

Brian Claypool, senior director strategic business development at Barco concurs: “Evidently, we are overwhelmed with pride that such a renowned and respected company like PVR Cinemas selected our immersive sound technology to differentiate itself from the competition. We hope that this agreement will proof to be but the first part of a fruitful collaboration.”