2 de jun de 2016

Challenge #1 in radiology imaging: how to work more productively?

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With the shift from volume-based to value-based healthcare services, radiologists arenow moving out of the radiology reading room to engage in more direct radiologist-patientcommunication and become part of the care team. At the same time,radiologists are confronted with a growing demand for imaging exams, resulting inmore as well as more complex imaging studies. Display technology that helps usersharness productivity and work more efficiently is essential.


#1. Use a monitor that allows viewing of different modalities, in grayscale and in color, on a single screen. This eliminates the need to change workstations or displays.



challenges in radiology imaging (and how to tackle them) - Barco#2. A large display form factor enables flexible positioning of multiple images with fewer image manipulations 



#3. Displays with high calibrated light and image-enhancing features lead to faster detection of subtle details



challenges in radiology imaging (and how to tackle them) - Barco#4. Displays with built-in features that automate routine tasks – such as Barco’s tools for an intuitive workflow – make reading more efficient, aiding faster diagnosis



challenges in radiology imaging (and how to tackle them) - Barco#5. Pick a system including software for automated QA & calibration with no interruptions to the radiologist’s workflow



#6. Displays with high-speed controllers that quickly load the images and keep them in focus present an uninterrupted workflow



challenges in radiology imaging (and how to tackle them) - Barco#7. Invest in a display system that has proven to increase reading productivity




Meet Coronis Fusion

To tackle the issue of productivity, Barco recently upgraded its Coronis Fusion display systems. The new generation has been designed to help radiologists do more, in a better way. Click here for more information about the 4MP or 6MP version.