14 de jun de 2016

Challenge #2 in radiology imaging: how to read more comfortably?

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Radiologists’ comfort is integral for peak performance during long working days.

A studyconducted by the MarkeTech Group claims 85% of radiologists use three displays ormore. Alternating between multiple screens can lead to physical discomfort, includingeye fatigue, neck strain and back pain. Reading discomfort is reportedly experiencedby 87% of radiologists. Here's a checklist of what to consider when you want a comfortable read:

#1. A large display form factor allowsfor flexible, more ergonomic viewing ofmultimodality images on one screen

#2. The ability to place a display in theperfect viewing position allows you toview images in a fixed, more relaxedway

challenges in radiology imaging - and how to tackle them (Barco)#3. Minimize image manipulations(and occupational injuries) with adisplay that allows you to positionimages just the way you want (whetherin the center of the display or over theentire screen)

#4. A wide viewing angle (at least178°) decreases the need for substantialhead and eye movements

#5. A display that offers highlycalibrated brightness as well as built-infeatures to adjust display brightnessto the ambient light ensures optimalreading conditions

challenges in radiology imaging - and how to tackle them (Barco)#6. A non-reflective glass cover is notonly safeguarding image quality, it isalso easy on the eyes

Meet Coronis Fusion

To tackle the issue of reading ergonomics, Barco recently upgraded its Coronis Fusion display systems. The new generation has been designed to help radiologists do more, in a better way. Click here for more information about the 4MP or 6MP version.

Download your complete checklist here

"5 challenges in radiology imaging - and how to tackle them" (ebook)