20 de jul de 2016

Barco GRC Open House 2016: toward the next era of smart displays

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Barco held its annual GRC Open House in China. Each year, the event presents the company’s most visionary and professional audiovisual solutions. The 2016 edition for Barco Control Room and Government division was themed ‘We • Infinite • Now’ and showcased a series of state-of-the-art display technologies, including innovative control room solutions and groundbreaking laser video wall systems.

All-in-one control room solutions

With the advent of the big data era, many industries are faced with new challenges. How to control and analyze all data in a timely manner? And how to reduce the complexity of big data applications? As workflows and tools are becoming more and more complicated, it is increasingly difficult for control room operators to access different subsystems in a flexible and secure way.

Always working to provide new systems that are closer to user needs, Barco launched its most innovative control room system solutions at the 2016 Open Day. One of those tools is the new operator workspace solution OpSpace. OpSpace gives operators access to all resources and applications needed within a single workspace environment. This meets the need for global control through a single interface and substantially increases work efficiency.

Laser projection takes control

Barco also continues to innovate in laser display technology. At the Open Day, the company introduced its laser projector series for 24/7 control rooms. These units use pure RGB laser projection technology as opposed to laser phosphor projection. The result? Unprecedented brightness, vivid colors, an extended service life, an extremely low total cost of ownership, and – most importantly – even more satisfied customers.


More Open Day highlights

Among the many other display technologies and solutions presented at the 2016 Open Day was OverView IVD. This new addition to Barco’s product line of LCD display systems features the unique SenseX automatic color and brightness calibration technology, saving users time and money. Another eye-catcher was the OCS network collaboration system, developed to help accelerate and improve the quality of collaboration through visualization. Furthermore, two new products from Barco’s joint ventures – Panda’s LCD and Panda’s all-in-one education machine – were showcased as well.


Customer-oriented innovation

“Innovation is the DNA that helps Barco establish itself in the industry,” said Mr. Nie Weigang, Sales VP of Barco GRC’s Control Room and Government division, at the 2016 Open Day. “As user needs become more and more diversified in the information age, the creativity of our local and global R&D teams is playing a greater role.”

His message is clear: Barco will continue to provide customers with innovative and intelligent solutions for smart city, smart transportation and smart security applications.