21 de dez de 2016

South Africa embraces our flagship laser projector!

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With a pre-release of ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’, South African Nu Metro Cinemas proudly unveiled its revamped Canal Walk theater in Cape Town, on 14 December last. The 17 theater-complex boasts not simply the biggest screen in the Western Cape area, but also the cinema industry’s premier solution: Barco flagship laser projectors.

Most advanced form of digital projection
Opening Africa’s first all-digital cinema multiplex back in 2009, Nu Metro Cinemas is no stranger to cutting edge. In 2013, we worked closely with Nu Metro to enable all their cinemas to go digital with an order of 111 Barco digital projectors installed at 16 sites. The leading cinema chain has now chosen our flagship laser projector. “Barco laser ensures crisp, bright, finely-detailed images that wow audiences and immerse them into the movie experience,” explains Nitesh Matai, at Nu Metro. “It’s the most advanced form of digital projection available. And that’s why we equipped 170 screens with Barco projectors."


A history of trust

Barco and Nu Metro have been long-term partners, with Barco fully understanding Nu Metro’s needs and Nu Metro aware of the many benefits that Barco cinema solutions offer. The South African cinema company has expressed its confidence in Barco – not solely based on its own positive experiences with Barco technology, but because other peer companies agree that the quality and reliability of Barco solutions is unparalleled. Even better, Barco flagship laser technology meshes perfectly with Nu Metro’s overarching goal: to deliver a premium entertainment experience to cinemagoers in Africa.