30 de ago de 2018

Event Master: new trade-in keeps event professionals up to speed with latest tech

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The event sector is in a race. Shows are becoming increasingly complex and spectacular, whether it be a tour by Justin Timberlake or conventions organized by companies such as Adobe. The goal is to catch an audience’s attention, hold it and send them away with a good feeling or a corporate message. But as shows become bigger and more sophisticated, so do people’s expectations. Wowing them becomes harder and harder. This means event professionals have to keep up with the latest technologies.

The Event Master series allows for this, as there is an ongoing policy of creating new cards that expand users’ possibilities. Over the past few months alone, improvements have included:

Generation 2 cards that can manage 2x 4K60p signals


• Tri-combo input/output cards and the Quad HDMI 2.0 input card


• The flexibility to disable preview mode, and double the projection (canvas) size


• The ability to link up to four E2s in one system


• Even more possibilities to expand (inputs/outputs/layers/canvas) using the Ex processors.


This year again, Barco is going to extend the ability to upgrade to non-users. In an exciting upgrade trade-in, professionals can simply hand in a range of old gear when they purchase a new S3-4K (Tri-combo), S3 Standalone, E2 (Tri-combo) or E2 Jr and possibly save up to €8,500 in trade-in credits depending on what they buy.


Easier, more powerful event management


This opens the door to easier, far more powerful event management. When returned to Barco, the old equipment will be efficiently recycled. So both companies are doing their part for a more sustainable industry. The purchase and corresponding 1-on-1 trade-in must be made before December 10.


Check with a Barco representative for the practical details of this special one-off deal.