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How to use annotation in your ClickShare meetings?

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With wireless collaboration solutions you share content swiftly and intuitively on the meeting room screen. To help you keep control and raise the level of meeting engagement an advanced set of interactivity features is at your fingertips.

Annotation is one of the features that encourages the natural flow of ideas and helps to capture additional thoughts of the content shared. ClickShare adds energy to meetings and leads the way to more innovative methods of collaboration by offering annotation on touch enabled screens with the CSE-200+ and CSE-800 models.

What is the annotation functionality?

Annotation gives you the option to add comments directly on presented content via the meeting room’s touchscreen. Discuss and make your annotations or notes on the spot, creating an elaborated environment for ideation.  With only one tap on the screen, you can save your real-time brainstorming session and share a copy with all meeting participants connected to the ClickShare Base Unit via the Button or via the ClickShare Desktop App.

With only one tap on the touch screen, you can select the annotation functionality. Pick your color and you can start to draw, write, highlight. Combining a touch display and a wireless collaboration tool drives the productivity and engagement in your meeting room. With an additional tap on the screen, you can select the 'save' option. Saved annotations can be found on your laptop under c:\Users\username\Documents\clickshare-downloads. Files are never saved on the Button or Base Unit.

In addition, you can also annotate on content shared in the ClickShare Mobile App.

What are the unique features of annotation on touch-enabled displays?
  • Easy and direct interaction between user and content
  • Intuitive experience
  • Makes multitasking in meetings possible
  • Assistive technology
Why use annotation on a touch display in your meetings?
  • It gives you the opportunity to present more freely within the meeting space
  • You can start to ideate on content real-time
  • Collaborate more interactive and creatively
  • Get higher engagement from the participants
  • Technical limitations of the room are not hindering the flow of the presentation or meeting
  • Notes can be shared easier afterwards
Can I annotate on a touch screen with my current ClickShare units?

These ClickShare units are compatible with touch screen panels and offer annotation:

  • CSE-200+
  • CSE-800

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