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A 64 panels Barco UniSee wall? Oh yes, Beibu!

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The “Belt and Road”, short for the “New Silk Road Economic Belt” and “Twenty-first Century Maritime Silk Road”, is a major infrastructural initiative to improve the trade routes within and outside China. Relying both on land and sea transport, it borrows the historical symbols of the ancient Silk Road to further develop the economic cooperation between China and its border countries. Beibu Gulf Port is an important trade port in the South of China and plays a significant role in the “Belt and Road” initiative. Inside its control room, a large Barco UniSee video wall helps to monitor the many data signals coming from the different ports and ships on the trade routes.


Beibu Gulf Port is one of the 24 major ports alongside the coast of China, and a key gateway of the main pass of the New Land-Sea Corridor. It is the most convenient access to the sea from China’s hinterland to the ASEAN countries on the Indo-China Peninsula. The port trades with more than 250 harbors in over 100 countries and regions.

The construction of the New Land-Sea Channel will certainly drive the economy in the larger region. Consequently, the amount of data of the ports represented by Beibu Gulf Smart Port will also increase exponentially. A dedicated control room monitors the critical infrastructure of the Beibu Gulf Port, ensuring smooth sea traffic.

Answering the strict visualization requirements


In order to clearly and accurately present the data, there were strict requirements for the overview visualization screen. The Beibu Gulf authorities were impressed by the visual performance of the Barco UniSee video wall at State Grid Beijing Electric Power Company and decided to go for a similar visualization solution.

“After comparing the large video wall products (LED, DLP and LCD) of various brands in the market, we believe that Barco UniSee is the most suitable solution for us”, the Director of Information Department at Beibu Gulf commented.


A balanced image quality offers optimal monitoring capabilities

The content shown on Beibu Gulf’s video wall consists of port monitoring signals, ship transportation monitoring signals, and big data visualization content. The arrival of the Internet of Things and 5G will also propel the Smart Port project into a period of rapid development and big data demands. Barco UniSee’s excellent image quality, high level of uniformity and very small inter-screen gap fully meets the requirements to offer an ergonomic bezel-less viewing experience for the operators, who work for many hours in the command center.