24 de fev de 2020

Ready to upgrade your museum experience with immersive elements? Join this exclusive webinar!

2 minutos de leitura

Museums too need to get with their times if they want to meet the expectations of younger and modern audiences. And at the same time, they need to find that little extra that drives visitors to return regularly. Passive audiences are a thing of the past, immersive experiences are the way to go for the future! Join us in this exclusive webinar and learn how technology can enable you to create future-proof immersive visitor experiences.

Last year we released an e-book on how the museum sector is reshaping its approach with new and innovative ways to bring their story to life. We mentioned the importance of experience-driven exhibitions with interactive storytelling to immerse and engage audiences of all ages. In our upcoming webinar - with Augustin de Cointet de Fillain, Director of Culturespaces Digital and Director of Bassins de Lumières, as featured panelist and speakers from Modulo Pi (media server solutions) and Barco – we invite you to discover how technology can enable you to create immersive visitor experiences.

Discover the full panel here.

Sneak preview of the new Culturespaces project!

Barco and Culturespaces have an impressive record together teaming up towards innovative and immersive multi-media museum experiences. Check out these stories on Carrières des Lumières in Beaux-de-Provence and Atelier des Lumières in Paris. And there’s more to come: on 17 April 2020, Culturespaces will open the largest digital art centre in the world, the Bassins de Lumières.

Located in Bordeaux’ former submarine base, the Bassins de Lumières will present monumental immersive digital exhibitions devoted to the major artists in the history of art and contemporary art. The projected artworks will be perfectly adapted to the monumental architecture of the submarine base and will be reflected in the water of the four enormous basins, thereby adding a new dimension to the immersive experience.

Register for the free webinar and get a sneak preview of how this project came to be. Hear all about Culturespaces' vision on digital art and immersive exhibitions, what their needs were and how they partnered up with Barco and Modulo PI to enable bright outcomes for young and old.

It’s a date?

Register now for the live webinar on 23 March at 11.00 – 12.00 CET (10.00 – 11.00 UTC) or at 17.00 - 18.00 (16.00-17.00 UTC)! Come listen and be inspired to future-proof your visitor attractions in the most creative way!

The registration for this webinar has ended. You can watch a recording of the session here