9 de abr de 2020

We still have you covered

SERVIÇO 1 minutos de leitura

Covid-19 times are challenging and strange for all of us. Not only on a personal level, these times can also be insecure for your business. And you worry about what happens when you have maintenance, performance or downtime issues. No matter what, you can be sure of Barco’s continuous support. Because our partners and customers still are our main priority.

Did you know that even today you can ...

  • Ask for help through our usual support channels. Our Services teams are ready for questions and issues, should you have any.
  • Access our Service desk remotely
  • Benefit from our e-learning opportunities in your home office. Explore on-line trainings or dive into certification programs.
  • Find an answer to many questions on our Knowledge base or on our BarcoTV channel

Our thoughts go out to all those affected and impacted by this global outbreak. Let’s support each other in every way possible to overcome this. Together we can make this work.

Barco still has you covered.