9 de jul de 2020

4 reasons to include image presentation in your Workplace AV setup

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Seamless switching between sources has always been a must-have in the event industry. Live event professionals and operators have been using screen management systems as preferred solutions to deliver high-quality image processing and swift switching for shows of all sizes worldwide. But why should switching be restricted to that market? In fact, any professional in the workplace could benefit from having a presentation switcher in a high-end boardroom, lobby or multi-purpose auditorium to maximize the impact of corporate communication.

Why go for professional presentation switching in the boardroom?
1. No specialist knowledge or training needed

You know that moment, when in the boardroom, you need to change input sources to show a different type of content on screen? Disconnecting cables, interchanging them manually, the usual cable hassle... No one wants to lose time and have a distracted audience at the same time. Downtime just does not look professional...

With AV and presentation switchers with digital inputs, anyone can switch content (e.g. presentation, video...) easily, quickly and uninterrupted. There’s no need to have someone from the facility team or an operator in standby. Any professional presenter can use a presentation switcher like the PDS-4K because of its unrivalled ease-of-use. Full screen switching between multiple sources and layouts can be done intuitively, with only one press of a button or via your personal device and puts the presenter in full control of the story he brings to his audience. There’s no need for specialized trainings for either technical staff or presenter. 

2. Change the screen layout to the needs of your audience

Having a personalized, branded background in premium boardrooms is key in any corporate branding. Use these still backgrounds to show your presentations, videos, and any type of content actually... as a 4K layer on the screen and impress even the most critical customers with visuals that stand out.

Your corporate brand is a strong influencer. Using a presentation switcher like the PDS-4K with layout freedom enables you to make the best use of professional, branded layouts and composition for your room displays and helps you deliver a complete and impressive customer experience to anyone visiting your corporate rooms. Of course, switching to a second 4K layout with another presentation is simple and can be done whenever needed. Up to 2 4K windows can be added to a display. You can position them anywhere on screen you want.

3. Impress with the highest image quality

Switching in workplace guarantees a ‘wow’ experience for customers, board members or employees. Transitions between content and sources are flawless and you’re always assured of the highest image quality of your video or presentation. With just one presentation unit you can drive multiple displays and manage audio to bring the best visual experience to your audience. Even if you want to add cameras for on-site presence or live streaming to the mix.

With Barco’s PDS-4K, there are no issues with latency, and you’re sure of a perfect lip-sync when playing your corporate videos. Don’t worry about playing ‘uncompressed videos’ in your boardroom. You assure your audience of a classy viewing comfort, leaving more room for decisions and interactive discussions that matters. 4K resolution is by far the most requested feature in the market and the PDS-4K delivers all your 4K content exactly as intended!

4. Modular to grow with your changing needs

Keeping ever-evolving technologies for collaboration in mind, you need to equip your meeting deck with future-proof, long-lasting investments. Flexible presentation switchers that can accommodate change like the ones supporting 4K UHD (the highest resolution available today) will help you avoid display issues and assures the easy connection of new equipment. 

Barco’s PDS-4K is fit for future standards – you can easily install a new card into the card slot at the back of the unit - and will lower your number of facility interventions, limit accidental changes in settings & configurations and is designed especially for applications requiring the highest availability and uptime. Compatible with all the familiar high-end Barco visualization and collaboration solutions, like ClickShare CSE-800, Barco’s projection, LCD & LED portfolio and Overture control, it is also a powerful and reliable tool for flawless presentations.

Simply switch, now. Want to know more about Barco switching solutions?

Meet the PDS-4K, a powerful tool for flawless presentations with premium video capabilities in today’s office environments.