2 de jun de 2021

Barco in the government and homeland security market: serving those who serve us

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Continuous innovation, a complete control room portfolio, and a commitment to provide a fully TAA-compliant control room solution available on a GSA schedule and other government procurement vehicles. After more than 25 years, Barco remains committed to serving the homeland security and government control rooms market.

Safety, mobility, and someone who can respond swiftly in a time of crisis. We all take this for granted sometimes, but we often forget that responders are watching over these basic needs 24/7, so we can live our lives, go to work, and move freely. Local, regional, and national governments ensure that we can continuously make use of critical public services. Not an easy task, as our physical and digital worlds have become increasingly complex. Authorities need to manage more and more information to keep our society safe.

View better, share faster, resolve quicker

Barco has been serving the command and control center market for more than 25 years. Our customers have used our visualization and collaboration solutions to view and manage their information more efficiently and to make better critical decisions. The homeland security and government sectors remain crucial for Barco. Continuous investments and innovation in these industries have always been our driving force, and this will not change in the future. The XT Series of LED video walls, a recent addition to Barco’s TAA government portfolio, only proves that we continuously look for the best technologies to suit the needs of homeland security and government applications.

A complete solution for the government/homeland security control room

Barco is especially known for its large video walls, a product category that remains an important part of our business. In fact, Barco is one of the very few manufacturers that offer TAA compliant options for rear-projection cubes (RPCs) and direct view LED. Additionally, Barco also helps to distribute the right information to the right people, through a fit-for-purpose and industry-proven media platform, a crucial task for control rooms, using TAA solutions throughout the system.

Our media platform and video wall controllers (TransForm N) allow control room operators and managers to collect and share content, monitor all relevant information, and if needed distribute it to internal and external remote stakeholders. Our operator workspace solution OpSpace, allows operators to access information in the most convenient yet secure way possible. Operators can also set up a secure and private bidirectional information stream with external field stakeholders and field workers by utilizing our SecureStream solution. Barco tops this off with a comprehensive services program designed to offer customers ultimate peace-of-mind and maximum efficiency and ROI. This combined offer makes Barco the most trusted one-stop shop supplier for the homeland security and government control room market.

Highly secure to reduce risks

Barco offers a strong portfolio of TAA compliant control room solutions, which means that they have been manufactured in the U.S. and/or in any of the TAA compliant countries. For customers, TAA compliance means that our control room technology is highly secure and addresses security risks along every step of the supply chain, which reduces risks and meets Federal security standards.

Barco’s TAA compliance approach is to not rely solely on self-declaration, but also when possible be vetted by third-party, expert consultants. Unlike with many self-declared TAA compliant companies, these consultants thoroughly researched the requirements necessary for Barco to achieve TAA compliance. They also intensively assessed our factories and supply chain to help us meet TAA requirements by following a strict implementation program. Barco fully implemented and complied with the recommendations given by these consultants and consequently also complied with TAA regulations.

Barco offers control room solutions that are not only assembled, but also developed and manufactured in TAA compliant countries. For LED video walls specifically, we can guarantee TAA compliance from signal to display. The image processing platform (InfinipixTM) driving our LED video walls – the brains of our solutions – has always been developed and manufactured in house, in the US or Europe, both of which are TAA compliant. The requested manufacturing modifications by third-party TAA consultants did not have any impact or did not change the quality of our LED technology.

We’re here to stay

The challenges for control room professionals in the homeland security and government markets are substantial. In a world faced with information overload and continuous security threats, a robust control room is no luxury. But control room operators also need agility and speed. With Barco in your control room, you are ready to adapt to any crisis scenario on the fly and to any future technology need. This is what Barco has been doing in the past 25 years, and it’s what we are planning to do in many years to come.

Do you have questions about our control room portfolio or about Barco’s TAA compliance? Let us know.