22 de set de 2021

How to create the right meeting room setup that fits your meeting room size?


Depending on the size and the purpose of the meeting space, choosing the right AV products is important to optimize engagement and productivity. So how can you build a room setup best suited for the size of your space?

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When you want to transform your meeting spaces for hybrid meetings, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for video collaboration available. How extensive your meeting room setup needs to be, mainly depends on the size and type of the room. The bigger the space, the more powerful your system needs to be, for example. This blog guides you through 4 different setups and helps you find the right type of products for your meeting spaces.

Which solution fits your meeting room?
  Small meeting room Medium meeting room
Large meeting room Flexible space
Room Size 2-4 people 4-8 people
8 people and up  
Display Up to 60° 65-86° Up to 100° LED + projection Up to 60°
Audio & Video All-in-one audio/video device PTZ camera + speakerphone Wide-angle camera and ceiling solutions for mics & speakers Mobile cart with AV peripherals
Wireless conferencing ClickShare CX-20 or ClickShare CX-30   ClickShare CX-30 ClickShare CX-50
ClickShare CX-20 or ClickShare CX-30 
Wireless Presentation ClickShare C-5 ClickShare C-10 ClickShare C-10 ClickShare C-10
Small meeting room or huddle spaces

Small spaces or huddle rooms are ideal for teamwork and informal meetings with colleagues. These spaces seat up to 4 people, don’t usually require reservation upfront. Here employees will gather for a one-on-one, brainstorm or ad-hoc discussion.

The setup in a small meeting room should be compact and easy-to-install. It should be flexibly mounted and take as little space as possible. Ideally it is wireless, so the room stays clutter- and cable free.

Of course, if you want to facilitate hybrid collaboration, your huddle space needs to have AV peripherals to accompany the small display. A compact all-in-one device with both audio and video combined is a great choice here. It saves space while delivering exactly the quality you need for a small space. Add a wireless content sharing or conferencing solution and you’re ready to go!

Medium meeting room

In medium to large meeting rooms, more structured meetings take place, with both internal and external attendees. They seat up to 8 people and are often bookable upfront. Typical professional meetings are recurring team or status meetings or information sharing meetings. People present, collaborate and co-create here.

Often these spaces are used for hybrid meetings to connect to remote meeting participants. The setup for video conferences can be fixed, like in a Microsoft Teams Room or Zoom Room. Or the space an be used as BYOM spaces, where users start a videocall from their own device with their preferred UC&C solution, connecting to the room’s peripherals for a better meeting experience.

As rooms get bigger, tables get longer and setup gets more complex. People sit further away from the camera, so requirements for audio and video differ substantially from those in smaller rooms. You need a larger display and a more advanced camera and speakerphone setup so that everyone can be seen and heard clearly. A Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera for example will be able to adjust to the number of people in the room and focus on the speaker. Directional audio or AI features like auto-framing and voice-tracking help to improve remote collaboration and make the meeting flow similar to that of in-person interaction. Ideally you add wireless content sharing to your fixed conference setup or wireless conferencing to your BYOM rooms for easy, cable free video conferences.

Large meeting room
Large meeting rooms or boardrooms for 8 persons and up are ideal for decision-making or larger team meetings. Information shared can be more confidential. Meetings have a structured, well-defined flow with upfront defined topics, agenda and meeting roles. Spaces are bookable in advance and setups can be optimized for the specific meeting that will be held. Videoconferences are held frequently in larger meeting rooms, setups vary between fixed conference room and BYOM facilities, just like in medium-sized rooms. Boardrooms are required to wow and impress and need impeccable tech solutions, perfectly in sync with one another.

The setup of a large meeting room is by definition the most complex one. It must be of a premium high-quality to accommodate the audience of business execs, board members and high potential customers.In a high-end setup, you need scalable solutions. You need a certain number of speakers or mics across the room according to the size of the meeting room. Solutions are often mounted in the ceiling and tech is discretely present (you can even have a control room next to your boardroom). You need to reach crystal clear sound in all corners of the meeting room. Features like noise cancelling, automatic speaker tracking and volume capacity are key for your audio solutions, especially when your presenter is moving around. Video experiences should be impeccable and can be enhanced with wide-angle cameras that capture every participant in the remote view, lighting features for dim lighting conditions or AI features.

Moreover, your video display must be large enough to make sure everyone can see the display content clearly, or be able to show content from multiple sources. Often screen management solutions are used to take meetings and presentations to a professional level. In addition, a wireless presentation or wireless conferencing solution like ClickShare can be ideal to accommodate easy and secure content sharing from your personal device, help moderate content or add more interactivity and energy to the meeting with features like annotation or blackboarding.

Flexible space

Flexible spaces are often located in open plan areas, like reception spaces, cafeterias, or dedicated huddle spaces. They are used for internal, ad-hoc and spontaneous get-togethers, especially between colleagues and team members. The number of attendees can vary a great deal, according to the available space and size of the mobile display. The environment often stimulates creativity and collaboration.

A meeting room setup in a multi-purpose space is ideally equipped with a mobile cart with small, but efficient AV peripherals. You’re looking for an all-in-one device that’s easy to move around, compact and flexible. An all-in-one AV solution combining audio and video is a good choice here, as it is easy to install and clutter free. Connecting to your solution with as few cables as possible is key here. Adding a ClickShare wireless presentation or conferencing solution to our out-of-the-box concept is not a luxury.