3 de dez de 2021

NEW: Barco RGB laser upgrade for Mitsubishi cubes

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Barco’s introduction of RGB Lasers as a light source has given rear-projection video wall technology a substantial and inventive boost.

Incorporating higher brightness, an extended color gamut and a longer lifetime, the RGB Laser technology offers a number of important advantages compared to LAMP or LED technology.

Barco is now offering upgrade opportunity for Mitsubishi legacy Lamp/LED based 67” SXGA+ systems

Value Proposition:

  • Higher brightness and superior image quality
  • Lower installed cost leveraging existing infrastructure
  • Worry free operation for a number of years to come with warranty and service offerings
  • Minimize control room downtime by upgrading
  • Real-time color balance and brightness calibrations using Barco Sense X

The upgrade kit includes Barco’s new RGB Laser SXGA+ engine including supporting mechanics, new back cover & wall manager edge appliance.

Reducing the environmental footprint

The Barco RGB Laser SXGA+ engine also received the ‘Barco Eco Product label A’ as it further reduces the environmental footprint. Barco’s stringent ecoscoring scores energy efficiency, material usage, packaging/logistics and end-of-life processes in line with the ISO14021 standard.

Why Barco RGB laser upgrade?

  • RGB Laser reduces operational costs with superior Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – Significantly lower installed cost using existing technology and infrastructure.
  • Less operational disruption during installation, can be done in live environments
  • Up to 2x higher brightness combined with longest lifetime (125,000 hrs. light source lifetime)
  • Ultimate Image quality step up: superior color saturation, focus and contrast with improved focus and contrast with more accurate colors
  • Cable “Looping” capable. Reduced cost of digital cable upgrades
  • Up to 50% less power consumption at higher brightness levels
  • 50% less effort required for installation (motorized 7-axis alignment)
  • >25% less noise (‘library’ noise level)
  • Redundancy of critical components for ultimate peace of mind
  • New Sense X technology for superior automatic real-time color & brightness calibration
  • Longer lifetime of uninterrupted operation in 24/7 mode