9 de dez de 2021

Discover ‘Bright insights’, our brand-new magazine!

1 minutos de leitura

The end of the year is approaching quickly, and there are not many things that our marketing team likes to do more right now than to end 2021 with a bang.

So behold, here’s the (Big) Bang of a new magazine we’re putting out in the world, at everyone’s disposal to read during short and dark days in the northern hemisphere, or during very enviable hot and sunny days in the southern one. 


We see what happens in the market, every day. We talk to customers and hear from them how new trends affect them. And of course, we’re not immune to changes ourselves either. Conversations about this often lead to interesting insights, which in turn help us adjust our operations to upcoming needs.

In short: communication is key to doing business, and we like adding to the conversation. Ergo ‘Bright insights’, the name of our new magazine.

Future of work

Our first issue is themed ‘The future of work’ and touches upon themes such as digital transformation and hybrid work. We guess you’ll agree that this has been a major topic in business environments over the past years.

And since we’re talking about digital transformation, is there a better way to bring our insights than in a full-fledged digital format? Wait no longer, give yourself a break and take a glance at it here! 😉

No time to digest the whole thing? Then do capture the highlights in our SCRUM master Charu’s wonderful sketches on page 13. Believe us, it’s worth it.

Enjoy the read!