27 de abr de 2022

The quest for the perfect lens

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Art installations, planetarium domes, flight simulators or 3D visualization… In our portfolio, there’s a projector for every project. But equally important: we also have a projector lens for every project! Which lens is the perfect one for your application? Based on a couple of use cases and examples, we’ll guide you in the right direction.


An inspiring visual journey with lenses that

  • offer the best result for ALL your visitors,
  • integrate flawlessly in unique set-up designs,
  • and guarantee the razor-sharp details – even from a close distance.

Our suggestion: F-series or G-series projector with Barco UST lens

A large number of museums, theme parks and other themed entertainment venues rely on technology to transform their one-of-a-kind space into a unique attraction. But the technology should always be ‘invisible’! Infrastructural restrictions could push you to turn to ultra-short throw solutions. And by placing the projectors higher and closer to the projection canvas, you also avoid disturbing the visitor flow or having people walk in front of the projectors casting shadows which spoils the visual experience for others.

The number one benefit of the Barco UST lenses is their huge flexibility. The FLDX 90° angled lens with throw ratio of 0.38:1, for instance, stands out thanks to its great rotating capabilities with less light loss than other UST solutions. You can rotate the lens in different positions while maintaining its huge lens shift without any heat wave issues. And the UST lenses even guarantee a full image when mounted in a framed projector!

The FLDX UST lens is compatible with all our F-series projectors, however, we also have ultra-short throw options for our other projectors. Check the projector page for all compatible lenses.


A vision to trust with lenses that

  • deliver best-in-class image contrast,
  • support infrared light for night vision training,
  • and withstand shock and vibration of the motion-based platforms.

Our suggestion: FS400-HR with Barco FLC lens range

During daylight, we can all rely on our own visual observation for situational awareness. At night, however, our view is limited. A night vision device can enhance the external view using InfraRed. The Barco FS400 simulation projectors have an added built-in InfraRed LED light source to stimulate Night Vision Goggles, making the projector capable of simulating dawn, day, dusk and night environments for training with and without goggles. However, not all lenses can be used for these night vision projections. The Barco FLC lenses are optimized with a special coating to allow optimal transmission of IR light.

Another specific for the simulation projectors is the fact that their often used on motion bases. The Barco FLC lenses are designed specifically to withstand motion and vibration through an improved barrel design. For an unprecedented performance on motion platforms, on some of the lenses you can even lock the internal lens elements into position, using the cam follower pins/plastic bushings and screws supplied with the lens. For absolute stability in every situation, you can also use our lens support minimizing the lens tolerances and providing extreme stability in even the toughest dynamic conditions.


Outdoor mappings

Impressive projections with lenses that

  • enable creativity,
  • empower high-brightness visualizations,
  • and ensure outstanding images, whatever the projection distance.

Our suggestion: UDX projector with Barco TLD+ lens range

The TLD+ lenses are designed with a thicker high-quality glass to manage the laser power of our 3DLP projectors without compromising on the projected image quality. The models range from 0.38:1 ultra-short throw up to 12.3:1 long-throw ratios, allowing you to place the projector at a considerable distance for those large outdoor projection mappings.

Another benefit of the TLD+ lens range is its compatibility with more than one of our 3DLP projection platforms; from the still very popular Barco legacy HDX and HDF projectors to the more recent laser series like UDXUDM and XDM. And they’re designed to be future-proof also matching all our upcoming projector platforms. So when updating the Barco projectors in your fleet or installation, you don’t necessarily need to invest in new lens gear. If you‘ve selected our high-quality, glass TLD+ lens range with variable throw ratio in the past, you can reap the benefits from your investment again.

Dome projections

An immersive visual experience with lenses that

  • cover a wide image in a limited space,
  • and maintain maximum pixel details on a curved surface.

Our suggestion: F80 with Navitar HemiStar Fisheye lens 

Fisheye lenses allow you to display immersive images on a dome screen with one single projector instead of having to use multi-channel set-up with multiple projectors to achieve the same effect. For the production of some accessories or parts for our projection units, like the fisheye lenses, we rely on the knowledge and capabilities of our trusted third-party partners who are all experts in their own specific field. In working together with these high-end companies, we guarantee you always get the best and the brightest! You can find an overview here.


Choose your weapon

This is not a comprehensive list and the use cases above are of course meant as indicative examples. We know that every project has its own needs and particularities. For a more specific suggestion matching your requirements, you can use the Barco Lens Calculator. Select your Barco projector and set the settings to match your set-up. You can indicate brightness levels, screen ratio, projector distance… In just a couple of clicks, we’ll show you all the available Barco lenses that fit your installation.

Fun fact: Last year our online lens tool was recognized by rAVe Pubs, the well-known AV news organization for industry insiders, as one of the five most useful calculators for AV design!

And should you have any more questions on lenses, just reach out to your local Barco contact person. We’ll gladly support you in your quest for the perfect lens!