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Barco UniSee II: improving tomorrow in all ways possible

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Saving the planet while reducing costs. Does that sound too good to be true? Then meet Barco UniSee II’s power-saving solutions. Yes, this sustainable video wall not only features state-of-the-art visualization capabilities, but also reduces the strain on the environment by minimizing power consumption. What’s more, this innovative LCD video wall also eases installation and maintenance, and ensures continued operations – leading to less downtime.

True innovation never comes with an environmental cost. It should improve the ecological footprint of the organization as much as possible. Barco UniSee II is no exception to this rule. In our quest for a new benchmark, we have found ways to couple an amazing viewing experience with features that optimize energy consumption and uptime.

No time to waste energy

Energy consumption is typically a source of cost optimization – and Barco UniSee II is no exception to this rule. Compared to typical LCD displays, Barco UniSee II consumes on average 30% less power (depending on the content ). The main reason is again the use and control of mini-LEDs as backlight.

As already explained in blog 2, there is a big difference in conventional LED illumination and the use of mini-LEDs. Basically, you can say that every LED is ‘responsible’ to light up a certain number of pixels. Conventional LCD panels contain a limited number of LEDs – ranging from tens to a few hundred. Barco UniSee II on the other hand, uses nearly 6000 backlights. This means that every mini-LED only needs to light up a few pixels, whereas conventional LEDs cover a larger area. Knowing that the LEDs light up as brightly as the brightest pixel, and more brightness means more energy, the graph below clearly explains that mini-LEDs require less power. 

technical drawings usp value prop blogs barco unisee ii mini leds power consumption use explained
technical drawings usp value prop blogs barco unisee ii mini leds power consumption use explained
technical drawings usp value prop blogs barco unisee ii mini leds power consumption use explained

The power needed varies heavily with the content. When applying very bright, white content, the power savings will be minimal. Predominantly dark content (e.g. typical SCADA content) on Barco UniSee II, on the other hand, will consume minimal energy. Furthermore, the blue mini-LEDs are also remarkably energy-efficient, and also the use of Chip-on-glass technology brings some energy savings. The graph clearly shows the difference in energy consumption. The result is an A+ label in Barco’s ecoscoring methodology.

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Installation, made easy

Everyone who has ever tried to install a video wall will agree: it’s not that simple. Aligning multiple panels is a tedious task, and often creates a sub-optimal result. Even worse, friction can damage the panels. 

Barco UniSee solves this problem with its innovative patented mechanical structure. The “UniSee Mount” ensures a precise panel installation with automatic alignment – based on the power of gravity. What’s more, this structure also eases maintenance, and makes sure the panels’ edges are not damaged during service.

Ensuring continuous operations

Because downtime is very costly for organizations, Barco UniSee II takes every possible measure to ensure continuity. Redundancy options of critical components (including the power supply and connectivity board) is an important step in this process.

Additionally, Barco’s service packs give the best guarantee for a swift resolution of any possible issue. The predictable cost of such a service pack ensures that no unexpected budget drains occur.

An easy upgrade

If you are a satisfied owner of a Barco UniSee video wall already and are looking to upgrade, we have some good news! The mechanical structure remains fully compatible with Barco UniSee II. This means you can not only upgrade at a lower cost but also faster, as no construction works need to be performed. 

UniSee images from brochure
UniSee images from brochure

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